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From an Assisi Cafe’ to San Francisco (Feb. 19, 2014)

Date: February 26, 2014 - categories: , - 2 Comments

Molly, this class is due to YOU!

Molly, this class is due to YOU!

What’s the link that can bridge over four decades? A chance encounter in an Assisi cafe’ on a dark day, rain bucketing down outside. Last spring, I was there working on my computer – “americani” were at the next table. One of them – Molly – and I started chatting a bit, our conversation soon leading to California, San Francisco, SCU – and Geri Murphy (a year ahead of me at Santa Clara), a good friend of Molly. Molly carried my “saluti” back to Geri and next I knew, Geri was inviting me to cook in her San Francisco home with a group of her women friends.

And Geri’s wondrous class not only re-connected the two of us, but tightened the bonds of all the women – already friends – as they chopped and diced, mixed and stirred, munched bruschetta together, sipped wines, chatted and laughed. Molly, good to see you again: this time, not over espresso in Assisi but while cooking together an Umbrian feast in San Francisco.

And not surprising for San Francisco, I so enjoyed hearing about the “Italian roots” of so many of you during our dinner; in fact, this memorable class even wrapped up with an Italian “home-baked”, sweet ending. Thanks, Teri and Laurie, for your buonissimi biscotti.

Mille grazie to each and every cook for such enthusiastic participation and to Geri, for opening home and heart to us all. (And so good to bridge the decades, Geri!)

A few comments:

“Thank you for such a great presentation at Geri’s home last evening – an amazing evening! Although I consider myself a good Italian cook, I was amazed at the depth of your knowledge and skill. Everything was delicious and prepared perfectly. I am so excited by your cooking style that I want my son to experience and enjoy your culinary talents…” Teri

“What a wonderful treat t share an evening with you. You are really a gift and all that you have brought us and taught us will forever be remembered… I look forward to your return next year.” Laurie

I am so glad that we met in that little Assisi bar last May! Wonderful food / enjoyed it all!” Molly

“….great fun! Great recipes – loved every minute of it. Delicious! Can’t wait for next year!” Kathie

Enjoyed the evening (of) fun, friends, food, and cooking experience.” Ginny

“My first cooking class and what an inspiring, fun experience!” Chris

Such fun. You are the best!” Geri

“This has been a delightful evening …..can’t wait to make some of these recipes for my family…delicious!” (Unsigned)

So much fun talking over old times…food was delicious..what a delightful evening!” Dianne


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