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From Assisi to Manhattan Beach (Feb. 6, 2014)

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Host Ginny joins the peppers group

Host Ginny joins the peppers group

Joanna, a participant in this year’s first U.S. cooking class, got it, Her post-class note to me sums it up:
“Thank you, Anne. You were right: cooking together is all about communication. You brought us all together and encouraged us to work as a team to create an exceptional meal….” I know that Ginny, cooking class co-host with husband Howard, will be delighted to read this. She’d wanted to have a class for all Dr. Howard’s staff and how wonderful to see everyone unite over the burners, moving from group-to-group, dish-to-dish, laughing and chatting as knives diced, spoons mixed, beaters whisked.

And how good to reunite with Ginny and Howard in their Manhattan Beach home. We’d first met in Umbria when I was their guide for an Assisi/Spello tour.
Glad to know you’ll both be back in Umbria in May – and eager to have you to dinner at our Assisi farmhouse this time. Ginny, you won’t be cooking the Umbrian goodness this time, though!

Host Howard with young cooks, Michael and Cynthia

Host Howard with young cooks, Michael and Cynthia

A few other comments:
“This was a blast. Thanks, Annie, for being so full of joy!” Ginny and Howard

“I loved all the dishes – great tips! I will definitely try these recipes at home.” Rita

“Thank you for the delicious evening. I’m looking forward to trying some of the recipes you shared..” Cynthia

“Thank you! I learned an easier tiramisu. Salting is definitely an art.” Jackie

“Organized chaos! So fun and educational and the butternut squash pasta was amazing!” Kathy

“I always do down home southern cooking at home – wonderful to learn Italian country food. Will be adding to my family dinners!..” Laura

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