Mediterranean Diet: from Art to the Table

December 13, 2010

What do the Acropolis, Angkor Wat, the Great Wall of China, the Old City of Havana, Dubrovnik, the Great Barrier Reef , Yellowstone Park- and pasta, tomatoes and olive oil have in common? They've all been cited by UNESCO as world heritage treasures. The places named are World Heritage sites, but there is another part of the World Heritage list that is less-known. It is called the "intangibles" and includes cultural traditions such as dance, song, textile weaving traditions, religious processions, and festivals. Italy's two "intangibles", Sardinian pastoral songs and the Sicilian marionette theater are now flanked by another one: the Mediterranean diet. Requested by Italy, Spain, Greece and Morocco, UNESCO recently declared the Mediterranean "intangible cultural heritage" due to the important role it plays for health. read more...

Need for Naples

November 30, 2010

Si! Naples has its woes. All the world knows about them. Naples has its treasures - and not all are known. Whenever I have a couple of free days from my tour work here in Umbria, Naples is often first choice for a jaunt with my frequent traveling companion, Roman friend, Silvana. We hadn't been to Naples in two years - and I was feeling the first symptoms of "Naples withdrawal"... read more...

Passione in the Italian DNA

October 18, 2010

Passione is in the Italian DNA: Each has it. No one can fight it (and why do so anyway?) Passione for his craft is in the heart of the gelataio as he arranges his ice cream flavors in sumptuous mountains in a beauty pageant display of creamy colors - and flavors. You can feel the passione of the townspeople of Bevagna for their medieval history as they prepare months ahead for their late June festival, the Mercato delle Gaite.