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Cooking, Laughing and Eating in Delaware (Mar. 20, 2014)

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Bud and Susan welcome

Susan and Bud’s warm welcome starts right at the front door

“…. a wonderful evening of cooking, laughing and eating!” is how Pauline summed up our Ocean View, Delaware evening, adding, “You remind me of my times with my Italian mother-in-law.” And host Susan put it this way:

“Everything about the evening was reminiscent of growing up in my Italian neighborhood….it was all centered around family, food….”

And at our Delaware class, this enthusiastic group of women all turned Italian for an evening, cooking up Umbrian goodness while sharing laughter and conversation.

And art, too: artist Rosemary shared her watercolor journaling with us over dessert.

We both write for Italian Notebook and Rosemary and her husband had lived two years in Italy.

Well, we finally met here in Delaware!

Rosemary's art at dessert time

Rosemary’s art highlights dessert time

And Bud and Susan, no better way to re-unite than over Umbrian food, corretto? Hard to believe that it’s over six years since we toured together in Umbria.

And what a welcome you gave me here! It started on the front door – but that was just the beginning!
Mille grazie to you both and to all our

…and here are a few other comments:
More from hosts Bud and Susan: “Uniting our new friends and a dear long-time friend around our dining room tables will be a lifetime memory of fun and much enjoyment!

Ah, what bruschetta!

Buonissima bruschetta!

Thank you for coming so far to teach us the touch of Italy. The whole world is small. We all need to appreciated different foods.” Laurence

“i wish you were my neighbor! I loved my evening with you in Susan’s hoe… Hope we meet again” Lenore

“So happy to finally meet you face-to-face! What a delightful evening!..” Rosemary

“…wonderful time! The food was incredible and you were a delight!” Barbara

“You were a treat! Thanks for coming!” Joan

Welcome at the door

A welcome to all on the front door

“It was great meeting you! This was a most fun night.. I am so happy to have participated in your wonderful dinner!” Nickie

“This was truly an amazing evening, friends and good food…” Karen

“…such a fun evening! Thanks for the good times” JoAnne

“Such a wonderful and night….enjoyable and delicious…so much fun..” Patti

“…a great evening, wonderful food and night” Carol


  • Rosemary says:

    This was the most fun evening! I was so thrilled to finally meet you Anne and have this cooking experience. All these women, working together in the kitchen, chopping, slicing, stirring, reminded me of my childhood – with my Mom and all my Italian aunts and cousins – the kitchen and the dining room table were always the center of life and love in our home. And the food!! Everything you made – fresh, local, simply prepared with simple ingredients – abondanza!

    And thank you for allowing me to talk about my art and share my journals with the group! Thank you to Susan for inviting me to join in this most memorable night!

  • Susan says:

    Thank you Anne and Rosemary for the wonderful photos of the night we spent together cooking scrumpious Umbrian foods. Feasting on platters so colorful and so tastey that many of us relived growing up in large Italian families where the conversations were lively and the smells in the kitchen drew us all to the table.

  • Anne Robichaud says:

    Susan, thanks again for a wondrous event!
    Rosemary, glad you joined in!

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