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Fourth Year Cooking Together in Washington, D.C (Mar. 25, 2014)

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Anna, good to connect while cooking!

Anna, good to connect while cooking!

For quite a few years now, my U.S. cooking classes wrap up in Washington D.C. A few years ago, my tours started on the East Coast: that all changed with a snowstorm that shut down the D.C. airports the day after I flew out to New York. My tours now always start in early February on the West Coast- and end in late March on the East Coast. And I can’t imagine a U.S. tour gran finale in Washington without a cooking class at Steve and Kathy’s. And Kathy, glad you feel the same way: “Annie, our fourth year hosting…seems like we have always done this! Can’t wait til next year!” Kathy and Steve, working on another menu set already and hope to cook again with you in 2015.

A cooking duo in Kathy's kitchen

A cooking duo in Kathy’s kitchen

It’s always good to re-connect with you two and daughter Carolyn over Umbrian cooking: after all, Umbria was our first link. Remember the unforgettable Infiorate in Spello years ago?
Time to come back!

Mille grazie to you – and to each guest who joined us with gusto in cooking – and eating!

Note: the Washington, D.C. class did a great job on the sweet-and-sour onion antipasto. Enjoy the recipe!

Tempting sweet-and-sour onions ready for baking

Tempting sweet-and-sour onions ready for baking

3 lb small, flat yellow onions (or smallish white)
2 T good quality wine vinegar, approximately
2 tsp. sugar
freshly ground pepper
6-7 cloves

Boil 5 pts or so of water and drop in the onions, then drain af- ter counting to 15. As soon as they are cool enough to handle, pull off the outside skin and cut a cross into the end. Do not peel off any layer and don’t trim the tops. The less you handle, the better.
Put in baking pan and cover with olive oil, salt and pepper to taste. Add about 1/4 c. of wine vinegar, the sugar and cloves and bake in a medium hot oven. Turn the onions from time to time as they cook, adding a bit of water if needed.

Host Kathy checks out our antipasto

Host Kathy checks out our antipasto

Variations: A bay leave or two may be put in with the onions instead of the cloves. This dish may also be served with a main course as side dish. The onions may also be cooked with bal- samic vinegar; in such case, eliminate the sugar.

A few other comments:

“I always love when you come to visit and teach us how to cook.” Carolyn

“What a wonderful experience we had with you and ….we’ve learned some cooking tricks. Everything is so delicious!” Anna

Thanks for your creative cooking class – all very tasty – and unique!” Liza

“Great meeting you and making new friends. The food was great and can’t wait to try out your recipes.

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