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In the Assisi Countryside, New Life During Coronavirus Lockdown

Date: March 17, 2020 - categories: , , - 6 Comments

Lockdown here in Italy means staying housebound. Mostly. These days, people in the towns and cities love their dogs more than ever: walking them is an excuse to get out.

A way to ward off a CPA (Coronavirus Panic Attack).

Hilarious Internet videos about exhausted dogs yet again on a leash and even cats on leashes dragged towards an apartment door keep us grinning.

Fortunatamente, Pino and I need no excuse to leave our farmhouse here in the Umbria countryside: our two Maremmano shepherd dogs are always out.

Our cats, too.

Our “lockdown” confines us to our 3 -1/2 hectares (about 9 acres). And every morning, Pino is out to feed his beloved two donkeys, Ciccio and Pippo.

and our goats:

Arturo is one of Pino’s favorite goats

Eighteen adults now greet him eagerly:

And this past week, nine new kids have joined the ranks…

….including a tiny female I’ve named “Cocoa.” (Pino liked the name, probably thinking I was calling her “Cocco,” meaning “sweetie” in Umbrian dialect).

For her first days of life, she was too weak to suckle on her own: Pino bottle-fed her…

…and helped Cocoa attach to her mamma:

She now suckles on her own.

A new life. A new-found strength.

Seems an omen to me. An affirmation of Italy’s mantra these days: “Andra’ tutto bene” (“All will go well”).

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  • Louise Lockwood says:

    Love, love, LOVE this blog note, Anne. Wonderful. Makes us so happy to see Pino and all the new babies. Love to all XOXOXOX

  • Tom Lacko says:

    Hello Anne,
    Donna and I were hoping you all were well during this lockdown.
    In the states folks are in a buying craze, no toilet paper left on the shelves. God bless and good luck.
    Tom and Donna Lacko

  • What a beautiful place you have there, Anne. Fond memories.
    Love to all,

  • Renee Hills says:

    Love this! I’ve shared on my FB page. Feeling so sad for Italia’s other news.

  • Dolores says:

    So so cute! Farm life is a great life and now especially for staying busy during this lockdown time. Thanks for sharing your daily routine and Pino’s wander around your land.

  • Thanks to all for your notes…all well here in the Umbria countryside: a lovely place to be “imprisoned”.
    Stay well. Stay home. Stay safe

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