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Patchwork Lunch in Washington, D.C. (Mar. 23, 2013 – luncheon class)

Date: March 29, 2013 - categories: , - Leave your thoughts

Mary Ruth and Janet at the burners

Hostess Bobbie had asked to view various Umbrian rural cuisine recipe sets for her luncheon group and worked out the menu by pulling together a few dishes from each of three Umbrian rural cuisine recipe sets. Varied dietary needs had required recipe alterations. The Amish patchwork quilts in Lancaster Country had caught my eye when there for cooking: the luncheon at Bobbie and Lee’s home was a “culinary patchwork” enthusiastically put together by cooks of all ages, spanning the generations. Cooking connects. Teaming up for the various recipes, all united around the cutting boards on the dining room table, slicing and dicing and mixing and stirring as they chatted. Pauses in the conversations to check on recipes, decide together the next step in their culinary creation. Back and forth from the dining room to the busy kitchen where savory dishes bubbled on the stove, browned in the oven, under the watchful eye of Mary Ruth and Janet, Patricio and John. As Myra summed up: “…an excellent team effort.”

Thanks, Bobbie and Lee, for hosting the team – and mille grazie to each of you for your part in the teamwork.

– and here are a few comments on our afternoon:

“Thank you for a wonderful lunch and the ‘patchwork’ menu!” Bobbie and Lee

Thanks for this wonderful food! Also this great company!” Mary Ruth

“Wonderful meal and great instruction!” Terry

Stories, friends, food and wine – and more food! What a wonderful afternoon!” Nancy

“Delightful kitchen mayhem!” John

“Thank you so much for this – it was delicious and wonderful to see all the colors of ingredients laid out on the table” Myra

“Dinner, food and company – fantastic, wonderful experience and I learned that I do like pears!” Janet

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