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Serving Up Some Soul in Lexington (Mar. 19, 2014)

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Chris and Gretchen, so good to re-unite with you all!

Chris and Gretchen, so good to re-unite with you all!

“Thank you for serving up some soul,” Jen wrote after our Lexington class. After all, Jen continued, “At the end of every day, it should be like this – good people, communal table, good food and wine.”

And cooking together cements relationships, too, as Leslie so insightfully pointed out: “Thank you for coming to our town and strengthening our already tight comment .with your lore, culture and recipes. You cemented our friendships for life.”

Gretchen and Chris (with Ryan, Katie and Charlie), so good to share Umbrian food with you in your Lexington home: our last Umrian dinner together was with farm friends’ Olga and Americo!

Good job, Leslie!

Good job, Leslie!

Remember? At our Lexington cooking class and feast, thoughts of them and our rural friends you’d all met when touring with me in Umbria: Peppe and Gentile, Peppa, Chiarina and Marino. (Ryan, Katie and Charlie, seen yourselves with our rural friends on my website?)

Chris, thanks for your tribute to them and their rural wisdom at our Umbrian feast last night. And thanks to all of you at our class for so enthusiastically participating in an Umbiran evening of simple, rural flavors – with generous dashes of warm, exuberant camaraderie.

And Jen, speaking of “serving up some soul”, your comment mirrors exactly Nadia’s thoughts, culinary historian in Umbria! Read about her culinary wisdom here.

A few other Lexington cooks’ comments:

“We love you but you knew that already..” Gretchen

Good times in the kitchen!

Good times in the kitchen!

“Thank you for coming to our home and for bringing so much! We had a great evening and so much wonderful food and good cheer! Thank you for bringing a little bit of Umbria to Lexington.” Chris

We so enjoyed the wonderful food and wonderful company tonight! I can’t wait to try the recipes at home!” Anna and Jeff

“Great evening! This is perfect! Looking forward to having you over..or visiting you in Italy.” Christine and Tim

“Thank you, thank you for a wonderful evening! We can’t wait to visit you in Italy!”

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