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Staying on my Feet in Pennsylvannia (Mar 17, 2013)

Date: March 21, 2013 - categories: , - 2 Comments

Buonissimo, perfetto! affirm Skip, George and Michelle (Thanks to Joe Geckle for the photo).

Michelle and George, Joe and Kay, Skip, well, I made it this year: I stayed on my feet for this year’s memorable cooking class in Joe and Kay’s lovely kitchen.

My Greensburg stay three years ago was memorable, too: the morning after my Italian gestures talk (at Westmoreland Community College – sponsored by Professor Michelle), I fell down the stairs, ending up in emergency and finishing up the last ten days of my US tour with a cast and on crutches. Mamma mia. Teaching that post-fall Greensburg cooking class seated on a kitchen chair was a challenge, only made possible by the enthusiasm of hosts Vince and Patti and all Greensburg guests.

This year – luckily – we were all on our toes (feet). Kay, your pre-prepping was stupendous, washing all ingredients and then grouping together in bags, the foods for each dish. That system helped immensely in co-ordination of all cooking activity. Mille grazie to hosts, Kay and joe, to co-hosts Michelle and George (and thanks to both Joe and George for your photos, too). Thanks, too, to all of our “chefs” who teamed together on our buonissimo meal. Perfetto.
(…and glad you remember how to say so in gestures!)

Enjoy the photos – and comments – below.

Thanks, too, to George Toohey for his photos.

Cooks’ Comments:

“It’s always a special joy to be part of your energy and creativity. Even better is to share one of your lessons with our friends. You’re amazing!” Michelle T

“So good to see you again! Fabulous cooking lesson/dinner. A huge success! We loved every minute…” George T

“Anne, one could travel far and wide and never experience a joy of table that you orchestrate” Skip B

Almost like being in Livorno with my relatives …an amazing evening!” Mary Anne

“Good food, great instructions..good fun” Denny and Kathy P

Have loved the entire meal and preparation...” Carolyn F


  • Kay says:

    This is the second cooking lesson with Annie, and the first that Joe and I hosted. We’ve also known Annie through tours in Assisi and have become addicted to her sense of Italian hospitality. It was wild, it was crazy, it was so much fun! Annie does a terrific job of getting everyone to actually participate in making the meal and you can tell from the smiles on everyone’s face that she was quite successful. The food was delicious and the recipes are ones that I have already used again since the class and will continue to use. The Umbrian warmth and concern and respect for the land comes through in all that Annie does. Mille grazie, Annie! We’ll look forward to seeing you again in Assisi soon.

  • Kay, Joe…miss you!
    Come to see me in Assisi and you two just sit down and eat!
    No cooking!
    love to all in PA!

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