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Tucson Women Connect While Cooking – (Feb. 25, 2014)

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Mille grazie, Kathe and Brenda!

Mille grazie, Kathe and Brenda!

My Tucson Arizona cooking hosts, Kathe and Brenda, both know: cooking is a community cultural experience, cooking should take time (“slow cooking”) and the kitchen should be filled with laughter and conversation (as well as enticing smells, the kaleidoscope of colors of fresh vegetables, herbs). Their notes to me at the end of their Tucson cooking class affirm it:

“Annie, you are an inspiration – slow cooking, slow living, time to laugh and enjoy. Thanks for the wonderful time.” Kathe

A cooking trio

A cooking trio

“Annie’s talent, charm and skills turned the kitchen into the most enjoyable recipe for culture, passion and community.” Brenda

– and their welcoming, enthusiastic friends shared in their sensibility:

What a gift! You are such a talent. I loved your stories at the beginning of the evening – and what delicious recipes made with love. We had a ball… so much fun shaving chocolate with Donna. Thanks for everything.” Chris

“I loved your energy and teaching techniques and passion (and) I really enjoyed the evening…. i helped with tiramisu, the garlic and brad, the cacciatore, …I just made the rounds..!..” Debbie

“Thank you, Annie, this evening was so much fun. I probably chopped more veggies tonight than ever. Loved the fresh flavors – and the friendship.” Leonie

Enjoying our feast

Enjoying our feast

It was a great time: good food and a great cooking experience.” Donna

“The whole process was fast and famous – such a wonderful time and the food was fabulous!” Kate

Carol and Terri (“Teresita”), mille grazie for opening your kitchen – and hearts to us all

Thanks so much for sharing your history, being a farm wife in Umbria and sharing all the secrets of Umbria cooking and folklore with us at our house.” Terri (with Carol)

I leave Arizona feeling that I now have a whole clutch of new Arizona friends: wish I could take you all with me!

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