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Wisconsin Professional Women Team Up – in the Kitchen! (Mar. 11, 2014)

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Savory sage pork chops coming up!

Savory sage pork chops coming up!

“There’s no better way to bring people together than preparing delicious food and hearing about all their backgrounds…” Sharon wrote to me after our cooking class with TEMPO women in Madison, WI.

Sharon, your words echo Nadia’s, culinary historian in Umbria! Ever since meeting her one November at the Citta’ di Castello White Truffle Festival (Umbria), her words to me have become the central theme of my US cooking lessons:
“Food is a language, a way of communicating and enthusiasm must be added to its preparation and the serving to friends. You have to put your soul into food. Let us communicate over food. Aromas, flavors, colors all transmit messages – such a perfect form of communication! Let us educate our youth, our children to the flavors of food as communication.”

Busy hands all around

Onions coming up for our savory sage pork chops

I try to infuse her profound message into my US cooking classes. And the Madison, WI TEMPO women – always bellissimo to cook with such dynamic professional women – were right in tune with Nadia. And like Sharon’s, many of their post-class notes to me confirm:

“Anna – Thank you for another wonderful cooking class and an amazing meal with fresh seasonal ingredients. You transported me back to the years I lived in Italia where we would spend hours conversing around the table enjoying the wonderful colors, exquisite food, and great wine. Grazie! You must come back again next year to bring this amazing group of TEMPO women together again!” Tammy

Our banquet is served!

Our main course is served!

“I am so happy to enjoy your Italian cooking tips and the lively, convivial feel you create for the second year …Thank you for the recipes and all the fun!” Jennifer

“It’s like one big family when you bring TEMPO members together to cook together. I learn not only Italian cooking but more about my fellow TEMPO members. Your enthusiasm and joy of teaching/learning is inspiring! Love your visits” Holly

“Just like an Italian dinner. The experience and sharing is as appreciated as the food. I enjoyed sharing the kitchen with you and sharing life stories with the group” Laura

The beautiful vegetables are always the attractions – But this year, the pork! OMG! Thank you for your generous spirit and the taste of home you always bring.” Connite

Teaming on the Italian fruit cup, la macedonia

A cooking duo, united

Wonderful! Loved the time with you, the ladies, the amazing food and great stories, filled with laughter and love” Kelly

Loved the collaborative cooking experience. I’m making the frittata this weekend…” Barbara

“……I so enjoyed the simplicity of the preparation and the beauty and flavor of the dishes..” Margaret

…and here are a few other notes:

More ground black pepper in the pasta, ladies!

More pepper needed!

“Anne, what fun to be with you again at TEMPO. The art of cooking is always inspiring!” Susan

“Second time around. I always learn amazing things. Please keep visiting us!” Jeane

“Thanks for bringing a taste of Italy to Madison! Looking forward to your next visit!” Diane

“Thank you for a wonderful experience and great Italian recipes….!” Maureen

“…such a fun evening. I love to cook but I learned so much!…” Ann

“Thanks for another wonderful evening..I hope to see you again next year!” Michelle

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