Umbria hilltown guided tours / Montefalco

Montefalco, “Umbria’s Balcony” (half-day)

Montefalco street, lined with textiles

Montefalco street, lined with textiles

If you love art and history, enjoy meeting the “locals”, appreciate magnificent “off-the -beaten path” landscapes AND want to taste the BEST of Umbrian foods and wines, Montefalco is for you.

Montefalco, “balcony of Umbria”, is famed for its textiles, Sagrantino wine, frescoed church-now-museum and mozzafiato (“breath-cutting”!) views of the surrounding Umbrian landscape.

Morning coffee in an historic family-villa-hotel just outside the walls is the perfect way to start your Montefalco stroll. As we explore this hilltop village (with views of the valley all around), we’ll start with a visit inside a fascinating medieval “hidden” cloister, attached to a “miraculous” (fine out why!) garden. Stunning medieval artworks fascinate. And wait til you see the relics!

A visit with Suor Giovanna in the medieval cloister

A visit with Suor Giovanna in the medieval cloister

This small town boasts a superb “museum” (once a medieval church) of stunning frescoes – and as we visit, I’ll be comparing all we see to the Assisi fresco wonders, so tied to the Montefalco gems. And our guided Montefalco walk will open your eyes to many details you’d probably overlook on your own.

Wish to pause in our explorations for fine Sagrantino wines, truffle cheeses, top olive oils, wild boar salami, sheep’s milk cheeses? You’ll want to know about a couple of the best spots.

Anything missing?
Please do let me knowas my aim in any guided visit:   to enrich your Italy stay with countless treasured memories and insights.   A promise.

Eager to see more? How about a visit to charming Bevagna, before or after your half/day Montefalco tour?
Not to miss in Montefalco: Suor Giovanna

Montefalco and Bevagna: “Off the Beaten Path” (full-day)

A visitor tries out Signor Trabalza's heavy scissors

A visitor tries out Signor Trabalza’s heavy scissors

In the morning, we’ll uncover the many wonders of Montefalco. And then on to nearby Bevagna.
Lunchtime? If you wish to savor the best of simple Umbrian flavors, happy to recommend options. Afterwards, we’ll seek out stunning Roman mosaics, remnants of Roman temples, Roman theater remains, and 11th-century unrestored Romanesque church wonders.

With me in Bevagna, you’ll enter into medieval history in countless ways. Local citizens have re-created a medieval merchant’s home of the 13th century in minute detail – con passione. Other “locals” often enact medieval artisan works for visitors: silk-weaving, the minting of coins, paper-making. Con passione!

Not to miss in Montefalco: Suor Giovanna
Not to miss in Bevagna: Signor Trabalza

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