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U.S. Cooking/Lecture Tour Itinerary – Februrary 4th to March 24th, 2011

Date: January 17, 2011 - categories: , - 30 Comments

I’m off for the U.S. to cook and lecture and my itinerary follows.

Cooking classes indicated with asterisks ** have room for other participants.

Some classes are full – and indicated as full

Bold print indicates dates still available for additional cooking classes or lectures.

March 11th MIT lecture is open to the public

Feel free to contact me for details.

Feb 4 – depart Italy for Los Angeles, CA
Feb 5 – cooking event in Corona del Mar, CA full
Feb 6, 7 – available for additional events in Los Angeles area
Feb 8 – travel to San Francisco
Feb 9 – travel to Seattle, WA full
Feb 10 – cooking event in Seattle, WA full
Feb 11 – cooking event in Seattle, WA **
Feb 12 – travel to Portland, OR
Feb 12 – cooking event in Portland, OR full
Feb 13 – cooking event in Portland, OR full
Feb 14 – available for event in Portland or in San Francisco area
Feb 15 – cooking event in Danville, CA full
Feb 16 – available for event in San Francisco area
Feb 17 – cooking event in Pacifica, CA **
Feb 18 – cooking event in Belmont, CA full
Feb 19 – available for event in San Francisco area
Feb 20 – cooking event in Lagunitas, CA full
Feb 21 – available for events in San Francisco area
Feb 22 – travel to Phoenix, AZ
Feb 23, 24- cooking events in Phoenix, AZ full
Feb 25 – cooking events in Phoenix, AZ full
Feb 26 – travel to Tucson
Feb 26, 27 – available for events in Tucson, AZ
Feb 28 – travel to Houston, TX
Mar 1 – cooking event in Houston **
Mar 2, 3 – available for events in Houston
Mar 4 – travel to Chicago
Mar 5 – cooking event in Chicago full
Mar 6 – cooking event in Chicago **
Mar 7, 8, 9 – available for events in Chicago/Milwaukee
Mar 10 – travel to Boston
Mar 11 – lecture in Boston at MIT, 7 pm – open to the public
Mar 12 – cooking in East Haddam, CT full
Mar 13 – cooking in Tewksbury, MA full
Mar 14 – cooking class in Marlboro, MA **
Mar 15, 16, 17 – available for events in MA or in NYC/NJ/Philadelphia areas
Mar 18 – travel to D.C.
Mar 18 – cooking event in D.C. area **
Mar 19 – cooking event in D.C. area **
Mar 20 – cooking event in D.C. area full
Mar 21 – cooking event in D.C. area full
Mar 22 – cooking event in D.C. area full
Mar 23 – rest day!
Mar 24 – home to Italy and casa dolce casa!

(The itinerary will be continually updated on this blog page.)

Click here for details on U.S. cooking lessons.

Click here for news on the Mediterranean diet, central to Italian cooking.

Click here for details on my lectures.


  • Nancy Schaefer says:

    Hi Ann,
    what is the event in Tucson going to be in February? I’d like to attend or see if you can conduct a class in our community.
    I once went to a class you taught at Ann McClellan’s house in north Seattle, it was very fun.
    Happy holidays,
    Nancy Schaefer

  • Sylvia Noble says:

    I am in Phoenix, and would like to attend, host, or help out at an event. Please advise what you have available. I can also be in the San Diego and Orange County areas.

  • Anne Pinion says:

    Hi Anne,
    If you are coming to Houston,TX in late Feb., early March, I would love to see about arranging a cooking demo from you. What are the details in setting it up? How many people do we need to have. Do you do the demo in homes or do you need a larger kitchen?

    Merry Christmas!

    Anne McGovern Pinion (your baby-sitter in the summer of ?????)

  • Naomi Rauff says:

    Anne, I met you when I was on a tour with the Clark a rew years ago. Nice that you are coming to my home state of MA in the spring. Keep me posted on where you will be and what is going on then. If you get to the western part of the state in the Berkshires, you will be ever so close to me. You would even be welcome to be a guest in my home rather than stay in a motel or B and B.

    Wrm holiday wishes to you and yours.

    Naomi Rauff

  • Francisco Vasquez says:

    Anne! How is the family! I miss my time in Assisi and wish I could go back and thank you all for those wonderful memories, especially your amazing christmas feast. I live near Hast Haddam CT and would like to join with my wife if there is room in that group.

  • Benita Dick says:

    I love receiving your newsletters. I hope 2012 you will be able to come back to Dallas and I can organize some events. We had two really down years business wise. if you get to Dallas this time, we have a guest suite and would love to see you. I could probably organize one event, but not two this year. We had a wedding in 2009. Anita our older daughter was married. give us a call when in Texas .

    Buon Natale!

    Benita Dick

  • anne says:

    Thanks to all – and wishing each of you “buone feste”.
    I will send email resplies to each of you.
    Mille grazie for your notes – and pls stay in touch.
    New article due up on blog in a couple days, I hope!

  • Rosemary Johnson says:

    Would love to see you in Milwaukee or Chicago! Can’t hold an event, unfortunately, but would love to join a lecture or dinner if you need an extra guest. Still looking for a full-time job, but have had lots of memorable part-time ones in 2010. Hope 2011 is a great year for all of us. Merry Christmas!!
    Rosemary Monnat Johnson

  • Elizabeth Meyer says:

    Anne- I would be very interested in taking part in any programs that you will be offering in Milwaukee this March. I will also be bringing my husband and or several friends. I’m very much looking forward to meeting you.

  • Rachel Cohen says:

    Hi, Anne! How is Houston/ Santa Fe shaking out? I’m here in Austin, but would happily make it down to houston (or visit a relative in Santa Fe) — or, if you have some time that week, maybe I could put something together here.

    (We first met in Cinque Terre in 2000 or so, and then again in 2003 (?), where Booth and I ended up in Umbria in time for one of the most amazing meals I’ve ever had in my life in Spello, the week-before-the-infiorata. )

  • anne says:

    Rachel, hope we can cook together in Austin on March 2nd (or third)
    Che bello!
    If you wish to confirm this, I can post a note on my FACEBOOK page, should you wish to draw in other “cooks”

  • anne says:

    ps – Santa Fe has not yet confirmed, though Houston has………so……for now, early Mar destination will be TX..

  • Virginia Brier says:

    I am interested in a cooking class in Tucson….Keep me posted.

  • Dear Anne, Where is the Tewksbury event being held? I’ll spread the word to friends and family in nearby Chelmsford & Lowell.
    Mary Jane & Fulvio

  • Jackie Dolph says:

    Hi, Anne,

    I’d like details on the openings in Phoenix classes. I live in Tucson, so if anything is going on here I would love to know and participate. No possibility to host an event myself, more’s the pity.

    Saw you last with my son, Gavin, at class in So Cal–had a great time, but still felt we were party crashing. Best wine I ever drank!



  • Kathy Schmalen-Abbene says:

    Please let me know what the event is in Chicago. I would love to be able to attend if possible. I would like the chance to meet with you in Chicago also as you have graciously donated to us for the Alzheimer’s Association.

  • Ann says:

    Ohh! I hate that I will be out of town when you come to Houston in March. However, I would love to pass information on classes to my friends. Please let me know what you have going on March 1-3 in Houston.

  • Roseann says:

    I would love to attend an event when you are in the D.C. area Ann! Please let me know if you have some spots available. Best Wishes for a safe trip.

  • anne says:

    Ann, lecturing in a private home in Houston on the 1st… for new dates on the 2nd, 3rd in Houston and sorry ot miss you!

  • anne says:

    Virginia, in Tucson on Feb 26, 27…but no cooking classes there as yet….will visit friends and simply enjoy Houston if nothing “pops”

  • Francie says:

    Hi Annie,

    Doug and I would love to see you when you come to Houston. How can we get in on one of the sessions. We have a spare room for you if needed.

  • Rebecca says:

    Hi Anne,
    I was hoping to see you in Houston on March 2, if you will still be there. I don’t think I can make it down there for the class on the 1st. If you’ve scheduled another event for the 2nd, let me know, otherwise let’s visit. I have to deliver some things to my cousins, and that’s as good a time as any.

  • Anne says:

    Rebecca….looking forward to seeing you in TX!
    Cooking classes going very well…even the parrot observing my class on Feb 17th in Pacifica, CA enjoyed tasting the pasta!

  • Rebecca says:

    Hi Anne,

    I just talked to Mary, who says her class is full. So, I guess I’ll come by as you suggested. I have to leave the next day. Aren’t you flattered I still wanted to pay to watch you cook after all the times we’ve hosted each other? 🙂 Glad you’re having such a great tour this year.

    Can’t wait to see you again!


  • Kay Brown says:

    Interested in the cooking class in DC next week. Please send me details.

  • Laurie Samuel says:

    Hi Anna,

    I just found out via an e-mail from Bill that you are here touring the states. I would love to have you to our place here outside of NYC. Are you planning to be in the New York area before you leave for Italy? If so, just e-mail me and let me know what your plans are. If not, maybe the next time you come, I could coordinate some ccoking classes and/or lectures for you in the New York area. So sorry I didn’t know before that you are here teaching and travelling. Take care and hope to hear from you.
    Sincerely, Laurie Samuel

  • anne says:

    Laurie, requests coming in now for 2012 . and should be in NY area in mid-March..see you then?

  • anne says:

    Ann..should be in Houston again in mid.March 2012..see you then?

  • anne says:

    Virginia..should be in Tucson to cook in early march, 2012..see you then?

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