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Cooking with SCU friends in San Francisco

Date: February 17, 2010 - categories: , , - 1 Comment

Cooking with friends just for pleasure happens quite often on these US tours, too. Last week, I made a pasta dish for three University of Santa Clara women friends here in San Francisco when we all gathered for dinner and reminiscing and laughter til ’round midnight. I made a cherry tomato/basil/walnut pasta dish of my Neapolitan friend, Salvatore (just call this dish “pasta al Salvatore”…which can also mean “salvation
pasta” and it can be that: delicious and quick and so easy to make that it can save you when a crowd drops in or stays overtime).
Friend Nancy had just bought a video camera and had fun taping me as I cooked and threw in a commentary reminiscent of US cooking shows – which I am not actually well-equipped to imitate as I only have seen a few minutes of one show. In that one, Lidia (ever heard of her?), talked about northern Italian cheeses as she milked a cow (! si) and then tasted the milk, commented, “this is delicious – try it!) and then threw the milk at the camera. End of cooking episode. Humbly speaking, I think I can do better – stay tuned.

Videos by Nancy Mazza:

1 Comment

  • Nancy Mazza says:

    We had such a fun night! There is never a dull moment when Annie is in town. As she said, her pasta dish was delicious, quick and easy to make. She gave us instructions and tips along the way. Annie is a natural in front of the camera and could definitely do a fantastic TV show. I love sharing the video with my friends. To Annie: I love the photos at the top of this page as well as the other ones throughout your website.

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