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My Day at The Selwyn School …a memorable highlight of my 2009 trip

Date: November 8, 2009 - categories: , - Leave your thoughts

During the 2009 U.S tour, I wasn’t writing tidbits for my blog….but I do remember a highlight of that tour:

My Day at The Selwyn School …a memorable highlight of my 2009 trip

My day at Selwyn was so very special that I wrote everyone at the school a note after my return to Italy. The school staff forwarded my note to the children and their parents:

Ciao a tutti (as we say here in Italy!),

I am now home in Assisi, Italy, after a wonderful 6-week cooking lesson/lecture tour in the U.S. and my day at Selwyn School remains the highlight of the trip!

I felt a sense of “family” at Selwyn as soon as I walked into the school. All members of the staff were so very warm and welcoming and clearly enjoying their work in an environment of commitment and collaboration.

I immensely enjoyed working with you students as we brought “International Week” alive together. The youngest of you chopped and mixed your way to our delicious (and nutritious!) macedonia (Italian fruit cup) and I promised to send you the recipe, which I am adding at the end of this note. (And who was the sweet first-grader who told me as she ate her macedonia, “I’m having a sleep-over on Friday and now we’ll make macedonia”?!)

Third, fourth and fifth-graders, if I walked into the school today, would you all remember how to tell me “I’m hungry” and “I’m thirsty” with Italian gestures? Middle School and Upper School students, your knowledge of gestures and Italian customs should now make each of you the perfect guide for any future trips to Italy!

If any of you are coming to Italy in the future, please come and see me here in Assisi,” crown jewel” of all the medieval hill towns of Italy. La rostra porta e’ sempre aperta.

Con affetto,
Anne Robichaud

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