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Feedback on Anne Robichaud Guided Tours in Umbria

Date: May 26, 2022 - categories: , - Leave your thoughts

Such joy to be sharing Umbria wonders in my Umbria hilltown tours once again – after two years of enforced “pause.”
Ready for an Italy trip? Do enjoy the comments of recent tour guests. an enticement, I hope.
“What a  wonderful week of touring the Umbrian hill towns with Anne Robichaud!
We visited during Easter as we were interested in the Easter traditions here and she came through with flying colors. The Holy Thursday Scavigliazione (“de-nailing”) in Assisi was unbelievable.
And the Holy Saturday blessings of the cheese breads and the lovely lunch with Giuseppa, are memories we shall treasure forever.
We also toured several hill towns from tiny Collepino to Deruta to Perugia to Gubbio and Orvieto. 
In every town, Anne knew the locals so we visited the finest artisans and ate in the best restaurants everywhere we went.
Her knowledge of the history and the beautiful artwork in every town is unsurpassed and you will be in awe of the treasures you will see with her, and the authentic experiences that you will have.
If you are looking for a tour guide who is fluent in English and Italian, we highly recommend Anne. You won’t be disappointed!”
Judy and Grady A. (Saratoga Springs, N.Y., USA)
“Dear Anne and Pino,
We’ve had many tours of Italy but your Gubbio tour, Annie, was simply the best!  Exuberent, authentic, lively, and colorful . . . and somehow you pulled it all together and gave us the history, customs, food, and culture all in ONE day!  We’ll be back–where will we go next?  How can the Festival di Ceri be beat?
We appreciated your attention to detail and all of the little things you pointed out that made our experience so much fun!
Staying at your place was so peaceful and lovely–all of the art and nature, your sweet animals–the peace and quiet, the smell of flowers.  I’d love to do a cooking lesson or two from your blog after meeting the wonderful Peppa nearby at her farm.
Again, thank you–this was simply the best stay, the best tour, the most fun place to be.
Jennifer B., (Fairfield, Iowa, USA )
“Hi Anne
I love your tours!  Your insights of all the fascinating details, for me the attention to architectural and cultural background are really amazing!
I would never notice on my own the the different eras of construction and artistic embellishment in the various hill towns we have toured with you.
You made the past come alive–just imagining how it must have been!  And to see the Festival of the Ceri in Gubbio was fantastic!  To be there witnessing the life and enthusiasm of thousands of people celebrating their traditions!  Wow!”
Thanks so much,
Jim L  (Fairfield, Iowa, USA )
“Once again  fun, crazy, informative tours of beautiful Assisi and surrounding Umbrian hill towns.  Our first visit with Anne was in 2010, then 2015, and now 2022.  Hopefully, we will be back in 2024.”
Love you, your family, your stories.
Marc and Therese M  (Tucson, Arizona, USA)
Mille grazie, for your notes above, everyone: Judy and Grady…
Jennifer and Jim…
and Marc and Therese (and Megan and Paul, traveling with you..)..

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