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Forget Coronavirus: Celebrate Women!

Date: March 7, 2020 - categories: , , , , - 8 Comments

In Italy, you can easily be distracted from a possible CPA (i.e., a Coronavirus Panic Attack) in the days preceding March 8th, la Festa delle Donne (literally, “the Feast of Women” i.e., – International Women’s Day).

Just drop in on flower shops to see the butter-yellow mimosa bunches…..

….and small mimosa sprigs tied with bows ready for purchase as tribute to a loved and admired woman:

Nurseries will have their mimosa bushes out front these days…

….and if you wander the bakeries anywhere in Italy on the days prior to la Festa della Donna, that dolce di mimosa takes main-stage on the shelves.

La mimosa might be dessert at a family lunch – hopefully, not cooked by the mother of the family! – on March 8th.

In many a coffee bar, too, chocolates or other candies are tied to mimosa sprigs on counter tops:

And some of the chocolates will be wrapped in “mimosa-yellow” papers:

For gifts for “little women,” mimosa sprigs might be affixed to a stuffed animal…..

…..or spread out at the feet of dolls:

Invited for lunch by Peppa the day prior to la Festa della Donna, we made a quick stop for a small dolce di mimosa.

Peppa is adamant about “pochi dolci se no, mi ingrasso” (“few sweets or I’ll gain weight”).

She follows all the news about coronavirus precautions with attention so no hugs, nor kisses, nor even touching when we arrive.

As she mixed the sauce into the pasta, Peppa solemnly asked us to wash our hands before we sat down…..

…… and reminded us to maintain a distance from her of about a meter.

But Peppa forgot about that precaution as she served up our pasta….

…and then turnip greens:

She was delighted with her mimosa…..

……and pleased when I asked her for a photo with Pino but cringed and squealed when he hugged her, protesting “La distanza, per favore!

Pino just laughed.

…..and in the end, so did Peppa.

We fended off CPA once again – and this time, as we celebrated a woman dear to us.

Una grande donna.

Mille grazie, Peppa.


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