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HANDS ON Those Italians in Brooklyn (Mar 14, 2013)

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College students eager for their Italy trip

The students at St. Joseph’s College in Brooklyn are now ready for their Italy trip this summer: whether or not they can speak Italian, they’re now ready to communicate with the people. They’ll use their hands. Art professor Jane Beckwith, their tour leader, has done a numero uno job of orienting her students to Italy, the art, the people: their enthusiasm was palpable at my talk at the college, for Italy-bound students and their parents. Mille grazie, Jane, for such a wonderful gathering and all your organizational work prior. Thanks, too, for welcoming Anton, Ken and Theresa – enthusiastic non-students who’d asked to join in.

Students, enjoy your trip to our bellissima italia – and keep your eyes on those hands! See if you can find these gestures – and please try to capture a few others in photos (and thanks for sharing with me!)
Buon viaggio to each and all!

…and thanks to each for sharing your comments on my talk, “Italians, HANDS ON”:

“How can I thank you for the superb preparation of my fifteen students going to Italy in June? They will deeply appreciate the experience looking for “la bella figure”, the gestures, the family life and value to spend time enjoying life the slower, the more thoughtful Italian way.” Jane B

“You made us all feel special. Your knowledge is priceless.” Pasquale

Loved learning all the gestures. Can’t wait to use them in Italy!” Conrad

I appreciated your talk on the Italian gestures. I plan to practice them in the next few months, and to use them during our trip. I hope to meet you again in the future.” Susan

“Learning gestures – so much fun!” El

“…I thoroughly enjoyed it!” Nerissa

“This was a most interesting and informative lesson and I know it will help my daughter immensely on her trip to Italy. Thank you.” Gregory

“I learned all sorts of things I didn’t know – even from this short talk.” Ken H

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