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“Inside” Umbria Rural Life!!!

Date: June 5, 2017 - categories: , , , , , , - 1 Comment

The key objective of my early May “Annesitaly Inside Umbria Celebration” experience is to truly take tour guests INSIDE Umbria, aiming to have them live Umbria from the inside out.
And that means not just delving into the history, art, and Umbrian medieval hillttown treasures but knowing the people, experiencing their daily life.

And you can ONLY fully live the region of Umbria, “Italy’s green heart,” if you link up to the rural people.

Like Peppe and Marino:








…and of course, we have to stop at Peppa’s farm:





……and after meeting our rural friends and hearing their stories, no better way to wind up our “rural life insights” adventure than with a rural feast.

And Chiarina and daughter Rosssanna, know how to cook one up!
Chiarina starts us off with antipasto plate including their own salami, capocollo, a wild asparagus frittata – and her suppli, (“Rice ball” is an in adequate translation for this treat).

No suppli anywhere like those of Chiarina!



Daughter Rossanna then serves us her mamma’s lasagne (with the creamiest béchamel sauce ever, tomato sauce put up by Chiarina and veal husband Marino raised):



The meat courses follow and never finish and include de-boned and stuffed roast chicken and their pork chops (meats raised by Marino):






Fresh salad right from their garden grounds off our feast:


And that dessert – crostata topped with two of Chiarina’s jams – merits a hug:


What a feast. What friends.

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  • Janet Miller Eidem says:

    Lovely memories! Anyone moving with you through your rural Umbria carries with her life long treasures of time, place, and cherished people. Health and continued inspired rovings to you, dear Anne.

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