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Italian Gestures in Saratoga Springs, NY / March 11 2010

Date: March 13, 2010 - categories: , - 2 Comments

Sometimes, last-minute events just creep into my tour itineraries. Early last February, I was wrapping up this year’s US tour itinerary, about to fly out to the US from Itay, when an invitation came in from Ashley to give a talk in New York. How not to say “si!” to Ashley? Years ago, Ashley was my assistant in the Assisi
Elderhostel programs and ended up being my boss -as EH director. She now runs her own tour company, speciaizing in small-group travel to Italy and invited me to give my “Italian gestures” talk to a group in Saratoga Springs, her hometown.

Right from the start, I had slipped in a few extra days in New York into my itinerary, planning to walk the city and explore my favorite museums. My fall down the stair while in Pittsburgh changed all that: still on
crutches in New York this time around. A wheelchair delivered me to the train from Penn Station to Saratoga Springs for my lecture at the home of Ashley’s parents.

Prior to my talk, “Italians, HANDS ON!”, guests shared Italian antipastos and prosecco and Ashley set out biscotti in the living room for “post-talk” dessert. Not sure who most enjoyed the evening: the guests or
Murphy, the family dog, who finished off the biscotti during my talk – and then slept off his feast on the kitchen floor.


  • Ashley says:

    Grazie mille Anne! What a great evening. A good time was had by all. Murphy will never go back to Milk Bones now! Looking forward to the trip we are putting together to Umbria in October!

  • Thanks for coming Anne! A great time was had by all – such a festive evening! Murphy will never go back to Milk Bones again! Looking forward to working with you on the trip to Umbria in October. It is going to be fabulous.

    Mille Grazie,

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