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Italy’s Uplifting (Literally!) Pagan-Christian Rites

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Treasures of Italy include the peninsula’s glorious festivals and in my ZOOM talk, “Italy’s Uplifting Pagan-Christian Rites,” you’ll live the passione of the Italians as they celebrate their beloved saints in rites deeply rooted in pagan traditions: after all, this is Italy.

UNESCO Cultural Intangible Heritage turns vividly tangible in my talk.

From north to south, the festivities of Italy’s intangible heritage embody centuries-old rites, all profoundly tied to the land and interweaving religious traditions and pagan roots.

In this talk, you’ll find out why Italy’s astounding UNESCO Cultural Intangible Heritage festivals are “uplifting,” quite literally as well as figuratively.

Missed this talk “live” on July 11, 2020?  You can see it on my YouTube channel – or here: 

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