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La Cucina Genuina in Laguna Hills, CA (Feb. 9, 2014)

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A welcome from hosts Don and Susie

A welcome from hosts Don and Susie

Susie and “Ferbie”, hardly seems possible that we met in Perugia TEN years ago!

Enjoyed showing you the Umbrian wonders then as your Perugia guide – and how wonderful to link again as we cooked the flavors of Umbria in your kitchen, Susie (and Don).

Your warm welcome greeted us right at the front door, hung with a whimsical wreath interlaced with wine corks and wooden spoons for each cook – with our names on the spoons! More fun was woven into the evening by Susie’s “apron contest”: awards for the most beautiful and most creatively-decorated apron were announced as we all enjoyed the feast we’d cooked.

Michael won a prize his apron decorated by his four grandchildren.

MILLE GRAZIE, Teri and Joni, for this wonderful apron

MILLE GRAZIE, Teri and Joni, for this wonderful apron

My apron may not have won a prize but it is PRIZED by me and will be worn now at every cooking class: a gift from sisters Joni and Teri, made by their artistic sister Robyn. “Cucina genuine” is embroidered on the front, above the words “Umbria, Italia”.

And after all, these U.S. cooking classes are a celebration of the Umbrian rural cooking, la cucina genuina.

A few comments:

“Annie, you are amazing! I want to meet Pino! What a great evening – hope we can do this again next year!” Don

“Thank you for your sweet class and the loving way you teach us to how to love your cooking…..What a wonderful evening of food and friendship – we enjoyed the experience immensely.” Dave and Steve

“Delicious food and great company…what’s not to like?!” Kathy and Michael

“Thank you so much. What a wonderful time. Good food, great people, a wonderful time…and no Perugians! Thanks for including us.” Jim and Dot

“What a wonderful fun evening. We are now ready to head back to italy!” Teri and Gary

“Enjoyed the food and the insights…” Steve and Ginger

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