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Lakeside Goodness at Bolsena

Date: July 17, 2017 - categories: - 4 Comments

We usually spend many a summer weekend at the Hotel Eden on the shores of Lake Bolsena. No free weekend this year yet – but we did slip in a lunch there this week, enjoying the good whitefish of the lake, coregone, at a peaceful lakeside table.

I did coregone all the way, as usual when at the Eden: starting off with bruschetta al carpaccio di coregone agrodolce (sweet-and-sour), topped with arugula as my antipasto.


A meal in itself: not much room for the pasta, though how to resist chitarrine al profumo di lago (pasta of homade thick spaghetti with sauce of the lake whitefish and fresh tomatoes)? I ordered a half-portion – which was ample enough for us to split:


“Anna, sure you ordered just a HALF portion?”


Pino had started out with his favorite – a seafood specialty, not lakeside – le cozze (steamed mussels with a savory fresh tomato sauce):



Pino tasted my carpaccio di coregone, too


And he went “lakeside” for his secondo: mixed lake fish fry (including coregone and perch). My secondo? Summer grilled vegetables drizzled with olive oil and balsamic:




Dessert? Just caffe’, per favore.

That lakeside goodness had satiated. And as we left, we could see that the Dutch family at the next table, too, was relishing the Lake Bolsena cuisine at the Hotel Eden:


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  • Bev Oliveri says:

    It is so good to see you and Pino enjoying a beautiful day and some delicious food!!! This might have to be a side trip the next time we visit!

  • Catherine Fox says:

    Such beautiful photos of delicious-looking food! You and Pino are adorable, as usual. Hotel Eden is now on my list…

  • Anne Robichaud says:

    Catherine, come and visit and we’ll go together to Bolsena and the Hotel Eden for a looooooooong weekend!

  • Louise says:

    Yum! We love seeing you and Pino enjoying great food in such a beautiful setting.

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