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My days in Seattle…

Date: February 25, 2010 - categories: , - 1 Comment

My days in Seattle seem to me to have been filled with sunshine, though the weather has been the usual Seattle gray and rainy. Here, too, I’ve connected with many old frieds: Jim and Laura R., Doug L and Janie M from “junior-yr.-abroad-in-Rome” days (1968-’69) and Jane E, once a tour guest in Umbria and now a dear friend.Sherry, good friend of one of my brothers, co -hosted with her friends, Anne, a delightful cooking class in Redmond on February 24th for a group of twelve dynamic and enthusiastic women. Most were new acquaintances but Gail had cooked with me here in Seattle a few years ago and Candy and I had corresponded about her Italy travels. Before the class, I presented the DVD showing the farm neighbors who taught me Umbrian rural cuisine, the land where we live, the markets and foods of Umbria: to set the spirit of the cooking event.

A word from co-host, Anne:
“What fun to learn about Umbria and Umbrian cooking. How delicious the results”! Anne K

…and comments from other participants:
“Anne, you are an incredible hostess and cook! I loved hearing your stories and thank you for sharing so many fun recipes, culture and memories. You are so unique..the evening was incredible.” Kathleen G

“A great privilege to meet you and cook with you…thanks for sharing your great recipes and fun stories.” Melinda S”

“Thank you for the vivid reminder that good food us BEST when cooked and shared with others…” Katie

“What a treat! your stories were captivating, the food was scrumtious” Bev D

“Thank you so for an incredible evening. I learned so much about the simplicity of these great flavors

Yesterday, I reunited with Randy and Christine for coffee (they had toured with me in Assisi and Spello last spring) and then walked to downtown Seattle to meet Doug and Laura for a buonissimo lunch over long talks about the past and present.

In the late afternoon, I headed to the Seattle Women’s University Club for the “La Dolce Vita” event presented by the Seattle Chapter of Les Dames d’Escoffier.
Beverly Gruber of Gourmet Travel had booked me for a talk at this event months ago. This most special evening (sold out!) opened with a silent auction offering lovely Italian ceramics and other prizes too, eg, the two-day Assisi-with-Anne package I was most happy to offer. A superb “antipasto feast” followed with tasty foods offered by members, all of whom are leaders in food, beverage and hospitality. I sat next to Armandino Batali and his mole salami won me over as did his charm! I gave him a “sneak preview” of my talk, “Italians, HANDS ON!” as we gestured our way through the antipastos. After the antipasto feast, I presented my Power-pointed talk on Italians and their gestures. All participants demonstrated their ability to communicate with gestures before stopping at the gelato table. Gelato + gestures = the perfect dessert!

Giving Armandino Batali a preview to my talk, Italians,HANDS ON

“Anne’s talk in Seattle was a insightful and humor-filled presentation ……. She is a wonderful cultural lecturer
Alice G. F.

*When I opened the computer this morning, I found this lovely message:

It was such a pleasure to meet you last evening at the Les Dames D’Escoffier event. Your presentation was most inspiring. I’ve been sitting here going over the recipes on your website instead of doing my chores!……..It was a real pleasure to meet you… I hope Umbria supports such a great ambassador of their cultura.
Thank you for the talk, show and tell.
Hopefully we will see you next in Umbria. ………….”
Michael B, Seattle, WA

1 Comment

  • Martha Marino says:

    Loved your presentation at the Les Dames d’Escoffier event in Seattle! Using pictures of people you know and teaching us to do hand gestures was a brilliant way to portray Italian culture. Thanks for being so generous with your time to suggest restaurants for my upcoming trip to Piemonte!
    Grazie mille! Martha M, Seattle, WA

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