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Our New Olive Oil Celebrated

Date: November 18, 2013 - categories: , , , - 3 Comments


Peggy relishes the “profumo” of the just-milled oil

The milling of the just-picked olives calls for a celebration. Pino called up Peppa as soon as the mill confirmed a date for the pressing of our olives: “Portiamo l’olio per la bruschetta” (“we’re bringing the olive oil for the bruschetta”). Peggy – now staying in our Assisi rental apartment – had joined in our olive harvest, so of course, she had to come along for the inaugural tasting of the olio novello. (And a dinner at our farmhouse – starring olive oil – coming up for our other pickers…).

The woodstove was chugging in Peppa’s farmhouse kitchen, son Giancarlo already there, when we arrived with our olio novello – and prosciutto. Not much room for that prosciutto, though, after yet another “Peppa feast”: first, a hearty soup to accompany bruschetta – bread toasted on the woodstove top – drenched in the just-milled olive oil (green, of course..very green). A satisfying meal on its own but it’s not over yet: out of the woodstove oven, Peppa pulled a roasting pan with homemade sausages, her famous suppli (rice balls) and roasted potatoes. Fresh garden salad followed. For dessert, the last of Peppa’s sangiovese grapes: most had gone into the wine she’d made with her sons, but Peppa always hangs a few bunches on trellises in the wine cellar. For special occasions. Like the first tasting of l’olio novello.

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  • Lillian Krovoza says:

    Anne, this all looks delectable! There’s a small Italian bakery around the corner from my house where I buy my olive oil (It’s imported from Sicily), and it has a green tint similar to the kind you’ve made. Hopefully one day I can appreciate Italian olive oil in Italy!

  • janey says:

    awwwww Peppa……sweet, sweet Peppa!!!

    and do I ever wish I had some of that olive oil!!!

  • Janey, Peppa sends regard.
    Lillian, come taste our olive oil as Umbria’s is THE BEST!

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