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Passione in the Italian DNA

Date: October 18, 2010 - categories: , , - 2 Comments

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Passione is in the Italian DNA: Each has it. No one can fight it (and why do so anyway?) Passione for his craft is in the heart of the gelataio as he arranges his ice cream flavors in sumptuous mountains in a beauty pageant display of creamy colors – and flavors.

You can feel the passione of the townspeople of Bevagna for their medieval history as they prepare months ahead for their late June festival, the Mercato delle Gaite.

With passione, the Spellani of all ages spend countless hours combing the hillsides backdropping their town in search of the flowers for their floral carpet wonders, the Infiorate. Passione sparks the fervor with which each Italian town celebrates its patron saints’ feasts and its festival re-evoking a past historical triumph.

The landscapes of our Umbria, “Italy’s green heart”, have long inspired passione in artists from Pinturicchio to Perugino to Raphael. And Umbria is still inspiring passione in today’s artists… my brother Tom is one example.

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