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Piombino: Seafood Stop Before Elba

Date: August 27, 2017 - categories: , - 4 Comments

Destination for late August seaside break? The island of Elba, off the Tuscan coast. Afternoon ferry ticket purchased at the port city of Piombino, we were ready for our first seafood lunch of the holidays.

We found a gem by accident, right near the port: Lo Scoglietto. The name means “small rocky outcropping along the sea” – and probably derives from the owner’s nostalgia for his Elba, for the restaurant was opened in 1945 by an elbano who moved to the mainland to work the Piombino steel mills after World War II devastation of the one on Elba.

That was the father of 85-year-old Sauro who chatted with us as we feasted on the tasty seafood cooked up by his daughter-in-law. Sauro’s mother had once headed to the restaurant kitchen daily at 4 a.m…and then his wife. The family cooking prowess goes on.

Signor  Sauro tells Pino about his beloved island of Elba when he was a boy


What a feast! Pino started off with his beloved steamed mussels (always his choice in a seafood spot).



I ordered the menu fisso (just 16 Euro!): zuppettta di vongole e cozze (chowder of mussels and clams – in a spicy tomato broth) and then spaghetti neri al profumo di mare (black spaghetti with seafood, ie, spaghetti made with cuttlefish ink). Buonissimo!



Pino’s second course had to be red mullet: it always is when on the menu. This time, though, livornese style, ie, as they cook it in nearby Livorno (with a tangy light tomato sauce). Not that lightly fried mullet, the Sicilian way, the Pino choice…..

Pino and red mullet, the Livorno way


We’ll head back to Piombino on the ferry from Elba, end of August. We already know where we’ll have lunch..

Vacationers enjoy seafood at Lo Scoglietto


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