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Retreating to An Arezzo Favorite: Casa Volpe

Date: December 5, 2017 - categories: , - 2 Comments

In early December, Pino and I headed off to a favorite “week-end-away” spot, Casa Volpe in Arezzo.

Casa Volpe, Arezzo


A surprise on arrival: smiling, welcoming Signora Alessia was not at the reception. Young Alessandro was there: Signora Alessia and her family retired last year and Alessandro and his family now run Casa Volpe.

Alessandro now at the reception of Casa Volpe


Alessandro and his brother, Federico, and mamma, Beatrice welcome all to Casa Volpe


Alessandro had worked over ten years with Signora Alessia and his family wisely has kept on the same chef: meals at Casa Volpe are a highlight of any stay there.

The small, intimate dining room was full for our arrival night dinner: not just hotel guests but the local aretini know about the good eating at Casa Volpe.

Brothers Alessandro and Federico serve dinner guests at Casa Volpe


Our buonissimo arrival night dinner affirmed that Tuscan goodness remains the highlight of a Casa Volpe stay. Our antipasto had to include that liver pate’ we remembered from our first stay. We also shared tasty crostini topped with cannellini beans and sage and also with sautéed purple cabbage.

Federico serves up the liver pate’


Pino spreads the pate’ on bread slices


Crostini, too, for our antipasto



I chose a primo with vegetable to follow but Pino skipped the primo, opting just for the secondo. Federico advised me on my pasta choice, a star dish of their chef: tortelli di patate al grigio del Casentino, potato-stuffed homemade ravioli topped with a savory sauce of grigio pork (the grigio is a breed of pig indigenous to the nearby Casentino area) and juniper berries. Mamma mia, che buoni! To follow up: oven-baked mixed vegetables (though I could only eat half!)

Tortelli di patate al grigio del Casentino


My side-dish: oven-baked mixed winter vegetables


Federico advised a winner for Pino, too: Maremanna Casa Volpi, a secondo created by their chef: breaded veal cutlet- grilled not fried – and topped with fresh tomatoes, purple onions, olives and capers. Friarelli on the menu, too – a Neapolitan broccoli raab – how to resist?

Maremanna Casa Volpe


Pino relishes his meat dish




We were certain we’d never have room for dessert – but then Federico told us about croccantino, an almond semifreddo. Sigh. One portion, two spoons, per favore.



Server Alessia brings us our dolce


We headed off the next morning, on our way to see the Arezzo monthly antiques fair – but not without a gift from Alessandro as we left: a spicy jam. A taste of Casa Volpe to take back to Umbria with us.


Mille grazie. We’re already looking forward to our next sojourn with all of you.



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  • Bev Oliveri says:

    Oh Annie, you have so many wonderful places to visit! Your restaurant photos make me so hungry! I so hope and pray I can come for a visit in the not too distant future! By the way you look wonderful!

  • Ann Krapf says:

    What a wonderful place to stay…and the food! Beautiful pictures and descriptions as always!

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