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Monumental Splendor in Spoleto’s Monumental Cemetery

Date: September 1, 2021 - categories: - Leave your thoughts

What is a cimitero monumentale?

As you might imagine, notable funerary monuments highlight  a monumental cemetery. Just steps away (literally) from that Lombard architectural splendor, the Basilica di San Salvatore, Spoleto’s mid-19th-cebtury cimitero monumentale merits a stroll.

Designed by Spoleto architect Ireneo Aleandri, the cemetery respects his neoclassical style and seems to be stupendous theatrical scenography to highlight the Basilica up the steps from the cemetery:


In front of the Basilica di San Salvatore, steps lead down into the splendor of the cemetery :

Towering cypress trees, pines and firs shade the walkways and the tombs:


You’ll see every imaginable architectural style housing family tombs, many of them of erudite spoletini:


Among the most splendid of the monumental tombs are those of the Antonelli family with a sculpted 16th-century altar:


The Sansi family tomb as well is finely sculpted…

…as is the family tomb of the Counts of Campello where marble columns sustained finely-sculpted capitals;

Under the loggiati, the tombs are separated from each other by paraste (delimiting pilasters), each different from the others in decoration and ornamentation – and of course in the family coats-of-arms:

As you walk through this cemetery, do also note the metal vigil  lamps hanging before the tombs, of a variety of designs, each one an artwork intself:


On one side of the cemetery, you’ll see Spoleto rooftops and church belltowers backdropping the tombs:

I learned after my wanders there that noted Spoleto archaeologist, Giuseppe Sordini – who discovered the Roman house and promoted excavation of the Roman theater – is buried in that cemetery.

I was sorry not to have come across his tomb.

I would have liked to pay tribute to the perso who has so enriched my appreciation of Spoleto.

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