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Pennsylvania gran finale, March 15, 2010

Date: March 16, 2010 - categories: , - Leave your thoughts

Well, I guess that cooking class co-host Marilyn said it best: “Anne, this was a happening in Jefferson, PA!”
That best describes the action in the kitchen during the large cooking class hosted by Marilyn and Bob on March 15th: a gran finale to my Pennsylvania cooking tour. I quickly learned that the gardens of that lovely family home where Bob grew up enchant those on garden tours – and saw that night how the warmth of both Bob and Marilyn draws many into their home and kitchen. Of Sicilian descent, Bob was right near me at the burners most of the night, stirring, chopping, and mixing with gusto – he seemed born in a kitchen! In the midst of all the bustle, Marilyn was quietly present to each guest, both those in the kitchen cooking and those who simply chatted and enjoyed the antipastos. We all sat down for the main courses – in three rooms, using the dining room, the kitchen and the living room. Bob, our Umbrian feast in your home was something like the village feasts in those tiny villages near Agrigento where your family originated….when tables fill up the piazzas….and the warmth and camarederie of all are the dessert
Che bello!

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