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Umbria Wild Chicory: a Coronavirus Antidote

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(*Today’s blog note is a gift to my brother, Tom Robichaud, celebrating his birthday today in Madison, Wisconsin. Alone. We’re there with you, Tom. In spirit).

Wild chicory as a coronavirus antidote?

Well, let’s just say that on a warm, sunny day, roaming the glorious Umbria hills picking wild chicory is guaranteed to ward off any CPA (Cornavirus Panic Attack).

On a recent morning, Pino headed up from our house to feed his beloved two donkeys (and a few goats in the same pen)….

…and I stopped in the nearby field to forage for wild chicory and other field greens:

I cleaned the sprigs of field greens right on the field as I picked, eliminating the roots and plucking out any invasive blades of grass:

When my basket was full, I headed back to our farmhouse….

….ready to rinse the greens before boiling.

In the kitchen, I put a large pot of water onto boil for the cooking of the greens,….

….then emptied the basket onto our dining room table, spreading the field greens out…..

… as to give them a final perusal before cooking.

Nearby was the large plastic blue basin I’d use for the thorough washing of the greens:

Where necessary, I cut off the base of the chicory sprigs near the roots…..

….then dropped the cleaned sprigs into the blue basin for washing:

When sure all the field greens were as clean as possible, I rinsed them in that large basin, filling it with cold water.

Farm friends, Chiarina and Mandina, had taught me years ago the best spots for the foraging of wild chicory – and how to clean the greens, rinsing at least three times in ample cold water (until no specks of earth visible in the water on the final rinse):

I collected three buckets of water from my chicory-rinsing. (The flowers will be grateful: we conserve all water from rinsing vegetables, etc for watering our outdoor plants)

When the water was at boiling point, I added sale grosso (coarse salt – always used in cooking here in Italy), q.b. (“quanto basta or “as much as it takes”) – about a handful. I then slid in the now-clean field greens:

N.B. If just steamed in a small amount of water, field greens are very bitter, although “fanno bene al fegato” – “they’re good for the liver,” our rural friends will tell you. A health-conscious Assisi friend actually drinks that bitter cooking water when she cooks chicory and other field greens, “per purificare il fegato.”

(Pino and I would rather stay “liver-healthy” by enjoying just the steamed wild chicory (sautéed with diced garlic), not its cooking water).

As the chicory was cooking (for just a few minutes) in the salted boiling water, I peeled and then diced a couple garlic cloves:

I drained the cooked greens as soon as a leaf would detach from the sprig – and the greens were still a bright green:

I’d covered the bottom of a frying pan with our olive oil – and then slid in the cooked greens:

Stirring in gently the diced garlic, I warmed the greens just a bit:

Main dish for our dinner?

Our chickens’ eggs, hardboiled, sprinkled with salt and pepper, drizzled with our olive and lemon juice, Sicily mountain oregano on top:

Sautéed wild chicory as our vegetable:

A coronavirus lockdown simple feast.

Buon appetito!

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