Reviews on Anne’s Virtual Experiences

Comments on Anne’s Virtual Experiences


“Anne has once again brilliantly expressed her deep love and understanding of the people and country of Italy. Her new lecture series, Hands on Italy, is full of color, personal anecdotes, history and general knowledge of the place she has called home for almost 50 years.

Her many years as a trained guide gives her a well-paced and entertaining way of imparting knowledge. You’re always ready for more – you taste the culture though all your senses!

Due to  extenuating circumstances, she is using the computer for her work now, instead of her incredible American culinary/cooking  tours and in-person lectures on  Italian life; even though in virtual communication, you still feel you are in a one-on-one conversation with a best friend!  

I would highly recommend this series and only hope that more and more people will have the pleasure of seeing Italy through Anne’s eyes.  A true gem in the treasure trove of a beloved country. “

Nancy C., Silver Spring, MD



“We SO enjoyed your presentation, especially since so many of us Italophiles are missing Italy so very much……you should be America’s Ambassador to Italy

I’ve said this again and again, but you are incredibly talented, not only in writing, verbalizing, but also your photography.

We can’t wait for your next presentation.”

Deborah S, San Francisco, CA



“Anne’s talk on Italian gestures and family life was remarkable!  Although I have been to Italy several times, Ilearned so much more about the culture from this effort than all my trips combined.  Anne is a genius at conveying the everyday life of working Italian families .  I look forward to her next talk.

David F., Reston, VA




Great program today. Being an Italian-American with grandparents from Sicily and great grandparents from Genoa, family and food were and still are the heart of my existence. Thank you for “bringing us home” through your wonderful presentation.

I had tears in the eyes, my mouth was watering and my heart palpitating with your Hands On walk through our  Italian roots.  

We look forward to joining as many of your programs as possible…..(and) the word will be spread.  Grazie mille!!

Russ P., Belvedere, CA.



“I was lucky to attend Ann’s zoom presentation on Italians HANDS ON. After being stuck at home because of the pandemic, it was like taking a trip to Italy. I can’t wait for the next one.

Frank C., Boston, MA



“Annie, I really enjoyed your talk.   Made me homesick for Assisi. Such a wealth of information I gained into the use of hand language.

 So glad you all are able to do a bit of what you’re so good at doing…(and)  know howmuch I appreciate the work you did on the preparing and presentation of the material.   Really liked all the photos.   Avery personal touch that makes your talks so special.”  

Dorothy N., Herrin, IL


“Although, of course, not as fabulous as doing an in person tour with the “dynamo” Annie, we thoroughly enjoyed the first of, hopefully, many of Annie’s virtual talks.  She certainly brings any topic to life and makes it fun and informative
Sandi & Jerry S., Palo Alto, CA



Anne’s first presentation on Italian hand gestures was not only informative but also delightful.  Seeing Anne in her home while sitting in my home in Illinois made made me feel like we were visiting in person.

Anne’s knowledge and humor left me looking forward to many more opportunities to share with my friend. Bev Oliveri,   Naperville, IL

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