U.S. Cooking and Lecture Tour / Past U.S. Cooking/Lecture Tours

2014 U.S. Tour

My U.S. coast-to-coast 2014 U.S. itinerary follows below – and what an unforgettable tour it was!

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2013 U.S. Tour

The unforgettable 2013 coast-to-coast U.S. cooking lessons/lectures tour started in early February in southern California and from there, on to northern California.
Arizona followed, with Denver close behind. Dallas, Texas was next on my tour route, followed by Madison, Wisconsin (I made it, inspite of the snowstorm!). On to Boston (arriving after the airport was re-opened following the snowfall) and then to Connnecticut. I cooked and lectured in New York before boarding the train for Pennsylvannia. Washington, D.C. was my last stop – with five cooking classes in the area. What a gran finale!

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2012 U.S. Tour

My 2012 U.S. cooking classes/lectures tour was unforgettable!

Mille grazie to each of you who helped to make this tour such a joy! Thanks to all who attended my lectures and to those who welcomed me into your homes for wondrous cooking events. Many thanks, too, for those who so enthusiastically participated in the creation of our Umbrian feasts.

…and what a full itinerary it was!

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2011 U.S. Tour

My February/March 2011 U.S. tour opened in Los Angeles (I always start on the West Coast now – after a record snowstorm in early February in Washington, D.C. years ago! I made it out and on to my next class on time… just barely. No more starting on the East Coast!). Seattle, Portland (OR) and then the San Francisco Bay Area followed. I enjoyed not only the reunions at cooking classes with former tour guests and University of Santa Clara friends but also with our son, now living in the Bay Area. On to Phoenix for multiple events and then a pause in Tucson to visit old family friends. Houston was my next stop, followed by Chicago – with a detour to Wisconsin to visit friends and family. Boston area cooking classes reunited me with cousins and aunts as well as old friends from Rome jr-yr-abroad days – and UC-Berkeley days. I lectured at MIT and also in Hyannis, then visited family in western Massachusetts before my gran finale days in Washington, D.C. Full days, fulfilling days – che bello!

My blog has all the stories on these memorable events!

2009/2010 U.S. Tours

I have been cooking and lecturing in the U.S. since 1998. Every single U.S. tour has been a most memorable one for me. Enjoy highlights of the 2009 and 2010 tours:
2009 U.S. Tour
2010 U.S. Tour

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