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Louisiana-Style Welcome in Shreveport (Mar. 4, 2014)

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Cooking IS connecting, these Shreveport women know.

Cooking IS connecting, these Shreveport women know.

Well, Mike, you certainly did make it happen! My first trip to Louisiana was an unforgettable one and the comments from the Sheverport women’s cooking group say it all (below).

Mike and his wife Gina – of Ruston, Louisiana – had toured a few Umbrian hill towns with me a couple of years ago. We’d stayed connected and Mike had invited me to Louisana to cook last year – but I can’t head to an area for a single event (too much travel time involved). Mike didn’t give up: three events in Louisiana this year! Each event linked to Mike’s company, Argent Financial Group.

Meredith and Bill team with me to prep our class

Meredith and Bill team with me to prep our class

Thanks to Gary and Meredith for organizing a superb “kick-off” to my 3-day Louisiana cooking foray with such a delightful Shreveport group. And mille grazie to each Shreveport cook for such a warm welcome, Louisiana-style – and such “culinary enthusiasm”, shining out in your comments below:

You are such a lively breath of life and made this an enjoyable evening. You made us realize that food can be delicious – and EASY! I will definitely come to to vista and would love to see Umbria through your eyes!” Lisa

More wine, more  vinegar coming up!

More wine, more wine vinegar, per favor!

“This has been such an amazing evening. The stories, your life story, food preparation, the delicious food. I am so honored to be part of this fun time with you. I can’t wait to try your wonderful recipes…” Pam

“This was an awesome evening and camaraderie – women are the best! ..and food makes it over the top! Will see you in Umbria…” Cathy

“Thank you so much for the fabulous dinner party and for sharing your experiences and Italian culture…” Evelyn

“Absolutely loved this – you are an inspiration. Hope to come to Italy!” J.K

What a wonderful time! Thank you for sharing with us!” Allison

Our Italian culture & cuisine night with Annie was lovely. Our guests had a delightful time and remarked how unique an event it was. Thank you, Annie!” Meredith

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  • janey says:

    Do you see my lip poked out from there??? Oh MY…..You really did it….you came to my neck of the woods and I wasn’t even here to enjoy and help… sad for me. But so happy to see that it was a success here and that you got a taste of where I live. Sure hope someone loaded you up with Cajun spices!! Only wish I could have hosted you as graciously as you hosted me in your piece of the world……Maybe next yr??
    Andrea is going to be back in May…..thinking seriously about coming back too!!
    (fingers crossed!)

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