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ZOOM with Me Through Umbria and All of Italy

Date: July 14, 2020 - categories: , , , , , , , , , - 5 Comments

Who knows when I’ll again be able to share the wonders of Italy as a guide?  Due to travel restrictions, it may be a year before I can share again my passione for Umbria treasures person-to-person and  directly on-site.

I’m working in another way now: through my weekly ZOOM presentations, I’m sharing the gems of our bellissima Umbria and insights into the extraordinary Italians.

My first chat, Italians, HANDS ON: From the Family to the Piazza centered on the national treasure of Italy,  the Italians, and their interpersonal relationships.  Gestures highlighted my insights into the Italians and Italian society.

Missed the talk end of June?

**You can see that talk  – and the other ones I’ll tell you about now –  right here:


My next ZOOM talk, Rural Life Revisited, centered on our life on the land in the late 1970’s. This chat centered on our rural friends who taught us far more than how to raise barnyard fowl, transform a pig into prosciutto, shear our sheep, prune our olive trees and turn our grapes into wine.

They taught us about life.

And in my presentation, “Italians, HANDS ON: An Explosion of Floral Passion,” I promised that on your next trip to Italy, everything will be “coming up roses” if you center your travels around one or more of central Italy’s glorious floral festivities.

In this talk, we explored floral festivities and ancient traditions of Umbria and Abruzzo, marveling  together at that extraordinary Italian creativity and passione as all the townspeople unite to create floral masterpieces

You can be in Italy right now:  just ZOOM with me.

Click here read comments of those who have enjoyed my ZOOM talks


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