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Wild Asparagus for an Umbria Easter Morning: a Coronavirus Diversion

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On Holy Saturday afternoon this year, Peppa and all our rural friends can’t take their baskets of Easter goodness to be blessed at our small mountain church.

I saw that church way off in the distance as I climbed the hill towards our woods to forage for wild asparagus (to top our hard-boiled eggs on Easter Sunday morning).

I knew a couple hours hunting asparagus in our woods would ward off even a hint of a CPA (Coroavirus Panic Attack)

Passing our two donkeys and a few of our goats on my way to our woods, I stopped to shove a few handfuls of fresh grass through their fence.

A small goat crouched below them: deciding that “the grass is greener on the other side,” she’d poked her head though the fence to nuzzle grass and her horns impeded her from pulling back in:

She’d munched the attractive ” greener” grass, leaving a bare patch beneath her head. I tried, unsucessfully, to maneuver her head so as to shove those horns back inside the fence.

I cut a few handfuls of grass for the woebegone goat (to be liberated shortly by Pino); our two donkeys were also pleased with an unexpected nibble of the fresh grass:

I passed another goat, Arturo, as I continued up towards our woods….

…and then passed through our vineyard and the young olive trees Pino had planted:

From the top of this hill, , I could look out at the splendor of Mount Subasio in one direction….

…and down at our farmhouse in the other direction

And then I entered our woods to hunt the wild asparagus:

I scrambled those woods for over two hours but my yield was meagre and nothing like past asparagus forays: someone had been there before me, probably a rural neighbor, also well- knowing that foraging for this woodland goodness on a warm sunny day wards off a CPA (Coroavirus Panic Attack).

Cleaning and steaming the wild asparagus for Easter Sunday breakfast was another Covid-19 diversion. The asparagus tips will top our hard-boiled eggs, drizzled with our olive oil and freshly-squeeze lemon juice.

A couple dried sausages from Peppa and her cheese bread will round off our traditional Umbria Easter breakfast. Oh, yes, there will be vino rosso, too: il vino di Pino.

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