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Near Orvieto, You’ll Forget Your CPA

Date: March 5, 2020 - categories: , , , - 13 Comments

These days, best to sidestep a CPA, “Coronavrus Panic Attack” (not to confuse this just-invented acronym with the one familiar to all Americans, i.e., “Certified Public Accountant”).

If you’re near Assisi, a meal with Peppa is antidote to a CPA.

If you’ve spent the morning wandering the wonders of Orvieto……

……..there’s a perfect spot to take you far from any CPA. Just head out to the countryside west of Orvieto. Looking back, you’ll see Orvieto off in the distance, perched on its volcanic rock plateau:

About five kilometers from Orvieto, pull off the road at a yellow stuccoed building with balcony over the door, Osteria La Mora:

Head around the building to a side door and you’ll enter a small wood-panelled dining room. There will probably be just a few “locals” there who are ready to enjoy this small trattoria’s simple Umbrian goodness at prezzi popolari (literally, “popular prices,” ie, “affordable prices”):

We ate recently at Osteria La Mora – and not for the first time – with our son Keegan and his wife Francesca (born and raised in Orvieto).

We started our meal with a shared antipasto, the restaurant’s antipasto rustico,…..

……served to us by a smiling bearded young man, Federico. His papa’ was in the kitchen at the burners in this small country restaurant started by Federico’s grandfather.

We also ordered a side dish (contorno) of grilled vegetables as part of our antipasto:

The bruschetta – drizzled with local olive oil – was Francesca’s favorite antipasto:

Pino, Keegan and I, too, enjoyed the bruschetta, but not only: the crostini con pate di fegato (toasted breads with liver pate’), prosciutto, salami and capocollo also enticed…..

……and quickly disappeared:

After the antipasti, Keegan enjoyed a primo, one of the specialties which draws so many to La Mora: le pappardelle al cinghiale (a wide ribbony pasta with wild boar sauce)

For a primo, I chose another La Mora favorite, pappardelle alla lepre (the wide-fettuccine-like pasta with sauce of hare).

Both Pino and Francesca decided to skip the primi for just secondi.

Pino relished the breaded lamb cutlets, squeezing fresh lemon on the crispy meat:

…..and for Francesca, scaloppa ai funghi (veal scaloppine with mushrooms):

The wine? Nothing better than Osteria La Mora‘s own vino rosso locale:

And nothing like lunch together at Osteria La Mora to fend off a CPA.

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