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A Rural Dinner: “the Pleasure is ALL OURS!”

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You’ve brought the world to us,” Olga once told me with a hug after a banquet dinner at her home. Olga and Americo have warmly welcomed everyone into their home and both treasure memories of happy evenings with Americans, Australians, Canadians, South Africans – and not only! – around their table, savoring Olga’s cooking, enjoying Americo’s accordian renditions of Umbrian music. And how many times, we’ve ended up dancing!
Olga often cooks dinner for a full table (or two!) in their home – after a morning at work: she cooks for the friars of an Assisi Franciscan monastery! (One of the friars there knows a bit of English and translates for Olga the many thank-you notes they receive after our group dinners).

Olga and Americo, our rural friends


If you want to taste the goodness of Umbria, it’s all on their table: at many a dinner, Olga serves bread she’s baked in her outdoor wood bread oven, pickled vegetables grown in her garden, chicken or geese she raised, wild mushrooms or wild asparagus she has foraged, frittate with fresh eggs from their chickens, salads from the garden or wild chicory picked in the nearby fields.

Cousin Marzia might help out – serving the fettuccine she’s made After our feast, dessert might be a crostata topped with homemade fig, plum or cherry jam. Sometimes, Olga makes the typical Umbrian torta bread to accompany the wild boar stew made from a boar Americo hunted with his squadra.

Marzia’s homemade pasta wins over all


Americo is a talented painter and also wood-worker and his works surround as we eat: a beautifully-carved mirror hangs in the dining room near a wood inlay masterpiece of San Francesco di Assisi. Other wood relief works hang near a painting on ceramic tiles, also by Americo. And after dinner, he brings out his hunting guns with stocks carved masterfully: a pair of his hunting dogs in profile on one side, a wild boar on the other.

…and please thank Olga and Americao for the most memorable night of our trip to Italy
– and the most delicious food!” Susan from Chicago wrote me in an email one “morning after.

Olga beamed when I relayed the message. Americo gave me a wide smile, saying “il piacere tutto nostro!” (“The pleasure, ALL ours!”)

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  • janey says:

    and how lucky am I that I got to sit right there at that table one night last October and enjoy all that marvelous food!! AND listen to the accordian music! AND take pics of all! My sons really enjoyed seeing his hand carved guns and the stories about the wild boar hunting!

    Seeing this brings back such wonderful memories….of a trip of a lifetime!! Thanks Olga and Americo and specially…Ms. Annie!

  • PenniHergert says:

    What a delightful evening we spent just 4 weeks ago. The wild boar was delicious as was the rest of the meal. Olga and Americo were charming and so welcoming. An evening to remember. Thanks Anne
    Jim and Penni

  • So glad you both enjoyed Umbria and our dear rural friends!

  • Marli says:

    We plan to be in Assisi from 12 to 14 May 2016. We would love to experience true Italian culture and food and wines. Any suggestions? Thank you. We are very exited to visit.


  • Anne Robichaud says:

    Thanks, Marli, for your note and I just wrote you and email about all my tours, etc…hope to see you in Umbria. Where are you staying?
    Did you know we rent apts?

  • Rima Geleziunas says:

    great meeting you at the
    hope to share some of your great tours
    Rima and Andrew

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