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A Washington, D. C. Gran Finale

Date: April 5, 2013 - categories: , - Leave your thoughts

Salute! – and mille grazie to
this wonderful gran finale cooking group

What a gran finale to this 7-week tour! Host Kathy’s words to me are a gran finale in their own right:

“I look forward to our classes every year. And every year, they are better than the last! It is so rare to see people who are all so happy – and they beam all the time they are here. Cannot wait to do this again …and again …and again.”

Thank you, Kathy and Steve, for opening up your home to us for yet another wondrous event – (and just two days after another class you hosted!). Curt and Dave – once hosts of your own cooking event – thanks for joining us in the festive feasting. Susette, Marci and Mitch, so good to relive the memories of our tours together in Umbria – through the flavors. (Only wish farm friend Peppa could have joined in, don’t you?) And to each of our enthusiastic cooks, mille grazie for sharing in this culinary gran finale!

– and thanks to each for your affectionate “send-off” notes:

“This was a wonderful event! You are an expert at creating community!” Susette

What a privilege to have dinner with you again. To future dinners…” Curt

“Your friends are the best. Thanks for making us pat of your ‘food family’.” Dave

“Once again, wonderful to see you at Kathy and Steve’s. Lunch was delicious! We always have a great time at your cooking classes.” Marci and Mitch

“We had such a wonderful time and enjoyed the food immensely.” Linda and Daly

“Unbelievably delicious!” Kathy

An absolutely amazing afternoon. Thank you for teaching me so much.” Toni

“A truly wonderful time! Good food, good company! Wonderful!” Marilyn

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