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Anniversary Trip Highlight: Umbrian Countryside Stay

Date: July 20, 2015 - categories: - 2 Comments

“This has been the highlight of our anniversary trip. I’ve loved being in the Umbrian countryside!
(And) think of the ‘life experience’ Ryan can take back to school and share with his friends… And most importantly, his time in Italy, and with you, becomes part of who he is: a cultural DNA, if you will.” Trisha and Tony, your words mean much – I loved sharing Umbria with you, having you near us in our guesthouse.



Tony added:

“I truly enjoyed getting to know you and am so appreciative of your friendship, guidance, humor, and insights, as well as your professional services guide services. You went above and beyond any expectation, and especially so in light of the minor complications created by Trisha’s sore foot. The rooms where we stayed on your property were absolutely wonderful and the entire environment was truly beautiful and exceptional (Ryan is still talking about his relaxing times on your porch, his favorite new cat friend, and your two friendly dogs).

Of course, your guided tour of Assisi was the highlight of our time in Italy. Trisha, I know, was especially appreciative of the extra time you afforded her pilgrimage. For me the highlight was our trip to Spello and the remarkable afternoon at Roberto’s, Enoteca Properzio. The delicious food, stunning wine, lively conversation, and beautiful atmosphere, made this a lifetime memory. Please accept my most sincere thanks and gratitude.”

What a view!

“What a view!”

…and Ryan, loved your note, too (and I know the “company” you mentioned: our dogs loved having you too!)
“Dinner and the property were amazing… but the company was even better. I only wish we had more time. I’ll count this as a true Italian experience.” Ryan

Ryan finds company right outside our guesthouse

Ryan finds company right outside our guesthouse

On our Assisi/Spello tour, Trisha’s serious about the wine-tastings feast

On our Assisi/Spello tour, Trisha’s serious about the wine-tastings feast

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  • Mary Bernabe says:

    I am so happy that my friends, Trisha, Tony and Ryan, enjoyed their time with you as much as Sam and I did! You are the best Anne!!!

  • Anne Robichaud says:

    Mary, did love having them..and your turn now!

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