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Assisi Artisans at Work

Date: July 4, 2014 - categories: , - 11 Comments

Looking at the restoration going on now out behind our farmhouse, you might wonder what phoenix will rise from the ashes. Now scaffolding crawls up all the fine stonework, not all the earth-colored terra-cotta tiles are on the roof and cement-mixers block the doorways.
But just wait: artists are at work. Pino’s company Impresa Edile Alagna is coming up with yet another masterpiece. How do I know? I live in one.
Our farmhouse once looked like this:

Our farmhouse before restoration

Our farmhouse before restoration

Now it looks like this:

Our house, a Pino masterpiece

Our house, a Pino masterpiece

Restored by Pino and his team.
And here are a few photos to give you an idea of the workmanship:

corner view

Farmhouse view from the back

Farmhouse detail - Pino's touch

Every chimney is a mini-masterpiece

Pino's restoration touches - the living room was once a rabbit stall

A masterful fireplace in the living room, once the rabbit stall

They’re now hard at work changing the house Pino built in 1985 (and where we lived all during the restoration of our old farmhouse) into three apartments, And you can see that house – with solar panels on the roof – to the left of our farmhouse in the photo below:

Our restored farmhouse and behind it, another house we're restoring - with rooftop solar panels

Our restored farmhouse and behind it, another house we’re restoring – with rooftop solar panels

The house we’re restoring is larger now: it took three years for the request for an addition to go through. But we made it.

When? We hope for September..but…then again, in Italy, all you can count on are the miracles.

And the work goes on:

view from terrace

From our terrace, a view of the apartments being created in the house we once lived in


Scaffolding around every corner these days

2 form Romanians team

Romanians, too, are part of the team


  • Valerie R. says:

    Oh Anne, I can’t wait to see the finished product. I remember you telling me about this last July (2013) when I visited you at your home. Looking forward to being one of your “tenants”. Please post update photos so we can all see the progress of the apartments. xoxo

  • Rosemary Johnson says:

    The before and after pictures of your home are stunning! I was excited to read about the restoration project; your husband and his team are truly talented! I should be finding out in Sept. when my son will be in Italy with his architecture program. Perhaps we will be over for a visit next spring. I will definitely keep in touch!!

  • Sally Currie Walters says:

    I second Rosemary’s request! Send updates on the progress. I am lucky to have been a guest in both “old” houses and am looking forward to visiting again in the new spaces! So excited for you and Pino!

  • Yvonne Moody says:

    What exciting news about your additions. Hope to visit. We were part of the Sara Monick group a few years ago.

  • Jan Johnson says:

    Congratulations on staying true to your vision Annie! Thanks for sharing your labour of love – I look forward to seeing the update later this year!

  • Dyanna says:

    Congratulations Anne, How exciting for you, and what an eccellente job Pino and his crew did in the restoration…it is truly beautiful!

  • Louise Montalbano says:

    Wow Anne, it is looking great! Pino and the crew have done a beautiful job. It must be exciting as it gets closer to being finished!!

  • Thanks so much to each of you for your warm and encouraging thoughts…mean SO much to us.
    Hope of each of you can one day see “la casa finita”!!!

  • Joanne Barnett says:

    Hello Anne,

    I’m an independent travel agent and have been for 35 years, I take many pilgrim groups to Italy and of course always make a 3 day stay in Assisi.

    I have a family who are interested in Umbria this this fall for either September or October, they are planning on having members of their family join them for one or two weeks.

    I’m very interested in placing them in your guest apartments behind your farm house. Right now they are considering a three week stay. Will you please provide rates and availability, and of course they will need a guide. Please advise guide rate also.

    I look forward to your reply,
    Joanne Barnett, Pan American Travel, Scottsdale AZ, 85257 Phone: 480-423-5151

  • what a beautiful your and Pino’s story life,and what a wonderful farmhouse you have. I’m very impressed by your great skill to valorize our umbrian culture. I think you are more Umbrian than me born here. Thanks for your passion and for let the world know Umbria, my beloved region

  • Anne Robichaud says:

    Thanks to all..and come and see the “finished product!”

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