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Assisi’s Glorious Day: Festa di San Francesco

Date: September 13, 2011 - categories: , - 7 Comments

San Francesco is not the patron saint of our Assisi: He is the patron saint of all Italy along with Catherine of Siena. Most Italians aren’t practicing Catholics. Let’s just call them “cultural Catholics”. Example: ask an Italian, “Sei cattolico?” “Certo!” will be the answer. Then ask about last Mass attended. A likely reply: “a Natale” (“for Christmas”). Catholic or not, you don’t mess with the name of San Francesco in this country. He is “Numero Uno” for the Italians. And Alessandro del Piero is only Numero Due (greatest Italian soccer player?).

St. Francis’ feast day, October 4th, is a big day in Assisi. A big day in Italy. In 2005, the Italian Parliament declared this day to be a celebration of peace, brotherhood and dialogue among all peoples, all religions.

Each year, one of the twenty regions of Italy brings the oil which will burn all year in front of his Tomb. This year, the honor goes to the Region of Molise and the Molisani have chosen this slogan for their pilrimage: “Il Molise ad Assisi: con Francesco, costruttori di pace.” (“..with Francis, builders of peace”).

On October 4th, gold-fringed blue and red banners – colors of Assisi- will drape the medieval buildings of the main square. At 9 a.m in front of the 14th-century city hall, the trumpeters of Assisi in blue and red medieval dress will sound Assisi’s anthem, announcing the start of the procession to St. Francis’ Tomb – in the Basilica di San Francesco, built to house his body.

An array of colorful banners of the cities of Molise will be born in procession by their town policemen, each Molise city mayor – in green, red, white sash – preceding the town banner. The mayor of Assisi, city councilmen, the president of the Region of Umbria and other local officials follow, flanked by urban policemen and the national policemen, carabinieri, in their regal dress uniforms. Religious join in, too, and then the local people, Assisani, Molisani and people from all over Italy. (Any separation of Church and State in Italy? well, in theory, yes…)

The day after the Festa, Oct 5th, the town of Assisi becomes an open marketplace as the annual street fair, la Fiera di San Francesco, winds its way through the medieval alleyways. Very early in the morning, 150 vendors (from all over Italy) set up their booths and most of Assisi is a street market until sunset.
For anyone wishing to experience the Italians while here in Italy, there is no better way than participation in the festivities in honor of their beloved San Francesco.

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  • Janet says:

    Brava Anne,
    Vorrei stare con voi.

  • Suzanne and Jack says:


    As usual you bring these wonderful festivals to life with your words.

  • HOPE YOU CAN all join in next October 4th

  • Mirko Frattura says:

    Hi Anne,

    to be honest, I don’t remember you ( could be the fact I’m 61??). Anyway, I just retired, I live north of Rome, just outside of town ( close enough to still have a view of the Cupola…). Short, I also have a son who is devoted to Francesco, and would be very happy to join you for the event..pls inform me of details,

  • Dee Kreft says:

    Sorry to miss the visit of the new Pope. Assisi at any time is a delight but know this will be very special.After two weeks of feste,I still claim the best drum corps belong to Assisi! Praise thme for me! And pass more grazzis to the Csispino and UmbraiHotel teams. Thye made our stae like home. Love ,Dee

  • Mirko, please email me at
    Dee, what wondrous times together adn when are you coming back!?!?

  • Mark says:


    I am visiting Le Marche for three days in early October and would like to spend one of those days in Assisi for the festival. We are interested in experiencing the festival as whole, but are also very interested in the local foods/wines and the market on 10/5. Would you recommend us coming on 10/4 for the procession or 10/5 for the market day? We can only do one day. Also, are the roads from Ascoli Piceno to Assisi safe to drive after the earthquake? Finally, are there a lot of local foods and wines on 10/4 also? Thank you!

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