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Weeping for San Salvatore near Campi (Norcia)

Date: October 28, 2016 - categories: , , - 1 Comment

Today while telling my tour guests about the restoration of the Basilica di San Francesco in Assisi after the 1997 earthquake, I added “and feast your eyes on this splendor, remembering that seeing this with your own eyes is not the same as seeing it in a book.” The earthquake of 1997 underscored that for us: the upper level of the Basilica di San Francesco was closed for two years of restoration. Two years with no access to the splendor: for those of us in Assisi, a heartbreak.

…and I am heartsick once again as I think that the splendors of the San Salvatore church (origins date to the 12th c) outside of Campi (near Norcia) might be lost forever. The earthquake at 9 18 pm on October 26, 2016 devastated the church. This is how I remember the church from my discovery of the splendor about four years ago:





…and ah, the wonders inside:









I still remember a curiosity: the plethora of frescoes depicting San Sebastiano, a saint often evoked during outbreaks of the bubonic plague. Why so many in one church?



..and I remember, too, the scaffolding indicating that some structural restoration was needed. I wonder if it was ever completed..?





No matter now: San Salvatore  is a mountain of rubble.








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1 Comment

  • Ginny Siggia says:

    What a gem of a church, such beauty inside and out, and what a terrible loss to the people to whom it means so much.
    When churches are destroyed, a community loses a spiritual anchor.
    When traveling, my first stop in almost any town is the church; I see the history of a community as well as its spiritual groundings. Always fascinating and uplifting. Frescoes, burials, columns, carvings — they each tell a story, and those stories must be preserved. Let us hope for the optimal restoration / reconstruction / preservation outcome.

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