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Hot Jazz Passione in Perugia

Date: July 17, 2015 - categories: , , - Leave your thoughts

Yes, we’re cooking here in Italy as temperatures shoot past records, springs risk drying up and elderly are warned to stay indoors…but some are ignoring those warnings. A smiling gray-haired woman waved trembling hands back and forth to the rock-out music of Funk Off yesterday in Perugia, joining in the street parade following the Florentine band down Perugia’s main street.

Hot passione  of all ages for Umbria Jazz

Hot passione of all ages for Umbria Jazz






And the breathless tropical heat did not deter Lady Gaga fans, gathered outside Perugia’s five-star Hotel Brufani Hotel for two days, convinced she and elderly crooner Tony Bennett were staying there. Maybe he was. She wasn’t, choosing a Perugia private villa where exercise equipment was moved in for her daily work-outs (so the local papers tell us).

Lady Gaga fans surround Hotel Brufani for days....

Lady Gaga fans surround Hotel Brufani for days….

Lady Gaga and Tony Bennett combined forces last night for a wow-em concert on the main stage, Santa Giuliana. Lady Gaga’s opening, “L’italia e’ bellissima” (in “perfect Italian accent”) brought on a standing ovation even before she started to put it out.

See Funk Off here:

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