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Near Assisi, Fresh Pasta Wards Off Any CPA

Date: March 6, 2020 - categories: , , - 5 Comments

Such simple pleasures surround us as ways to ward off a CPA ( ie, a Coronavirus Panic Attack). A stop to buy fresh pasta is one.

On my own for lunch today, I’d decided to treat myself to fresh pasta and headed to Bastia, near Assisi, to a small shop, Voglia di Pasta (“Desire for Pasta”).

I was ready for my favorite, ravioli stuffed with winter squash. That morning, the family making all the pasta in the back had created pasta goodness with beets – and oranges, too – but not with winter squash.

To the right of the trays of gnocchi, the pasta filled with beets and alpigiana (a soft cheese) intrigued….

…as did the ravioli triangles stuffed with with porcini and thyme:

A couple trays over from the porcini triangles, rectangular ravioli filled with ground porchetta (roast suckling pig) filled a tray.

Of course, there were tortellini of various sizes…

and agnolotti (a filled pasta typical of Piedmont), too…..

Fettuccine, rolled like ribbons, were lined up near ravioli filled with buffalo milk cheese and basil…..

….and nearby were taglierini (literally, “little – or thin – cuts”)- a thick spaghetti – made of farro:

Even spatzle, spinach gnocchi originating in the Tyrol region of Austria, joined the showcase of Italian first-course temptations in this little pasta shop:

….and then I spied my pasta choice on an orange oval platter near huge half-moon-shaped ravioli were stuffed with a buffalo milk cheese, burrata:

I knew I had to try the round filled with pecorino and orange:

Other shoppers were making their choices as I headed towards the door with my ravioli:

Just before I left, I passed the glass case with two pasta sauces on display: one was a ragu (meat sauce), the other made with cream, crushed walnuts and radicchio

But I knew all I’d need to top my ravioli with pecorino and orange would be diced sage leaves in a bit of melted butter, a sprinkle of parmigiano on top.

Lunch was buonissimo.

In fact, my pasta was almost gone before I remembered to take a photo:

I haven’t worried about coronavirus today: fresh pasta goodness – and writing this note – proved an ideal CPA deterrent.

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  • Louise Lockwood says:

    Oh my – we will have to go here in December – YUMMY! Thank you for sharing and for the CPA distraction.

  • Dolores Nangle says:

    Great walk thru the pasta shop. Truly enjoyed the naming and the descriptions of all the different kinds. It really helps me to learn about the deliciousness of Italy. Also made me very hungry. Thank you for the stroll thru the cure for CPA.

  • Louise, yes, we all head there together in December !

  • Dolores / so glad you enjoyed and when you return to Umbria, we’ll pop in there together. Start planning your next trip!

  • Daniella says:

    Thank you for this walk-through of the pasta options. Such unique and creative flavors. You’ll have to tell me where this shop is! Thank you for the CPA distraction!

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