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Assisi’s Calendimaggio: Una Festa di Amore

Date: May 11, 2015 - categories: , , , - 6 Comments

Yes, Assisi’s early May Calendimaggio festival IS – above all – a festival of love: an ebullient demonstration of the love that all the assisani have for their annual celebration of the birth of spring.
A young journalist from Assisi, announced the winner of the festival even before the jury did. The day before the local newspapers announced the jury’s decision on the winning side – la Parte de Sopra (“Upper Assisi”) or la Parte de Sotto (“Lower Assisi”)? – Flavia wrote, “The verdict will come in late late tonight but there’s already a winner: the love for the Festa.”

See – and feel – that love in the photos below



























Thanks to Judi Dalton for her photos, too…





Thanks to Janet Eidem for her photos, too…









Postscript: …and which side DID win this year? Sotto, where the red banners wave. I’ll soon head up into Upper Assisi (Sopra), where the blue flags are fluttering in the breeze. Our parte. And our partaioli are already talking over strategies for next year.

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  • Judi Dalton says:

    I’m so glad we were in Assisi for this festival. I encourage everyone to make it part of a travel plan

  • Kathy Kelsey says:

    Great photos Anne! We were so glad to be there, and be part of the excitement. I am sure that Sopra will win next year! We loved the competition.

  • Cecil Myers says:

    The photos are fantastico! Although we are missing this beautiful festival, I’m very excited about visiting Assisi in a few months. These pictures add to my excitement. Will encourage others to visit your blog.

  • Anne Robichaud says:

    Cecil, yes, wondrous – and glad you enjoyed.
    Notes going up nearly daily these days..!

  • Nora Smith says:

    Checking to see if we have a reservation for Candelmaggio and the in town apartment during that time? What more do I need to do right now?

  • Fran Pasetti says:

    It seems like the festivities in April are only a foretaste of the May event. I’m so glad my sister and I were able to enjoy all the pageantry in Assisi last April. It was thrilling. I will cherish my memories of this, our last trip together. Thank you, Anne, for all your kindness and help with our trip.

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