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Delectable Deruta: Feasting with Giuseppa

Date: March 10, 2017 - categories: , , , - 1 Comment

It’s not just the delectabler rural feast she cooks up that makes a meal in Giuseppa’s farmhouse near Deruta memorable: it’s her obvious joy as she serves up the foods the family has grown and raised.

Cindy and Jim enjoy Giuseppa’s homemade tagliatelle with meat sauce (all meats, theirs)



When you enjoy a rural feast at the farmhouse of Giuseppa and Paolo, the only foods on the table NOT raised on their land are the sugar, salt and coffee! Pasta and breads are made from their wheat, salads and all vegetables from their garden seasoned with their olive oil and vinegar, all the meat raised by them – and the animals are all fed the crops they raise – and of course, their vino to accompany all. And the secondo, might even be the superb wild boar stew which Giuseppa makes, marinating the meat for a couple days in herbs, wines and more, the boar shot by husband Paolo and son Loris.

Beans from their garden seasoned with their olive oil and vinegar


Cindy ready for the wild boar stew


Dessert? Perhaps a crostata topped with Giuseppa’s jam, made with her flour from their wheat.


..and before you leave, stop in at the storeroom to admire their prosciutto:


Just ask Jim and Cindy, Valerie and Jay, about the feast – and good times – at Giuseppa’s:





Even on an icy December day, warmth at Giuseppa’s!
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  • I remember with fondness our wonderful day with this lady and her husband! The food she had cooked was delicious and we enjoyed our tour of their property. But, I don’t see any pictures of her husband!! Hoping that he is okay and doing well!

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