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Live Umbria in our Assisi Countryside Guest House

Date: October 29, 2014 - categories: - 24 Comments

Well, months of work by Pino and his stonemasons resulted in a gem of a countryside guest house. And you can see the our lovely new guest house here (note the solar panels on the roof), just behind our own farmhouse (also a Pino “restoration masterpiece”).


Our restored countryside guest house – with solar panels on the roof

Our first guests? a New York family of four and here’s the note we received after their U.S. re-entry:

“We wholeheartedly give five stars to the cottage at Anne’s farm. Our family of four has lived in Umbria before, and we have experienced the range of available accommodations, from the shoddily constructed agriturismo to the overpriced hill town hotel.

This spacious, sunny cottage is constructed soundly of high quality materials, all appliances are new and everything works. The French doors in every room open out to let in gorgeous views of the Umbrian countryside, the smells of rosemary and flowers, and the sunlight. It is furnished beautifully, with a grand old marble table for eating long lunches, large armoires and great comfortable beds. We appreciated the well-stocked bookshelves too, with everything about Italy from fiction to guidebooks to tabletop Giotto to histories of pagan and Christian inhabitants.

The kids loved being able to pet the beautiful dogs, and visit and feed the goats, donkeys and chickens, nearby in their pens, who, surprisingly, make no noise!

Anne welcomed us with a basket of food from her garden and took us on a tour of Assisi (it really helps when you rent a place from a licensed guide who knows more than all the books!). Her contacts at local establishments and recommendations for places to eat and buy local products were spot on.Wholeheartedly recommend renting this place, wish we could stay here for months!”
Nina B., New York, New York

A welcome basket of our garden goodness for New York apartment guests

A welcome basket of our garden goodness for New York apartment guests

Our garden abundance welcomes all guests

Our garden abundance welcomes all guests

After Nina’s August stay, we continued adding “finishing touches” to the apartment. When Lorraine (84 years!) and her two daughters stayed with us, they wrote us these notes:

We found the treasure of Assisi – Annie and all her friends – thank you for a forever memory.” Lorraine M.

“Thank you for your wonderful hospitality, great stories and fabulous food!” Connie S.

Just recently, Yolanda and Renee (from Washington) shared in our Assisi countryside life – and our family life, leaving us this note:
“Our visit was beyond what we expected!”
You can see them here in the apartment kitchen:

An espresso in our kitchen

Sharing laughs in the guest house kitchen

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Thanks to Andrea Angelucci – photographer in Assisi – for the following photos:














  • tina chadda says:

    Hi Anne,
    I can’t wait to come stay at your farmhouse!
    Tina Chadda

  • Katie Larsh says:

    We would love to stay in your farmhouse on our next visit! It’s been beautifully constructed with so much thought and care and most of all passion for sharing your wonderful world in Assisi and the Umbrian Hills!

  • Gail Sinito says:

    Hi Anne;
    this looks awesome! What would a week’s stay cost?

    Your Cleveland travel agent
    Gail SInito
    GTS Vacations

  • Sarah Walters says:

    Make way for Sally! I am moving in!

  • Stephanie W says:

    OMGosh! Your little villa is gorgeous!! Between Pino’s artisan construction & your decorating skills, well, this is a true gem. I want to live there!! I hope one day I can stay and enjoy your beautiful countryside. Well done!

  • Dyanna says:

    Beautiful Anne, just beautiful!

  • Grace Papagno says:

    Hi Anne,
    We met when I sang with the Berkshire Choral Festival in Scheggino.
    I am going to come to Italy to live for three or four months when my Manhattan lease runs out (January, 2016). My purpose will be to learn to speak Italian better than my “broken Italian” that I speak now.
    Do you rent your guest house for long periods? If so, what would the cost be and do I need to rent a car when there? How close are you to towns and cities?
    I hope to see you again, perhaps in 2016.

  • Janey says:

    Wow! Awesome! Sure looks different from when I was there….you must have been busting the whip over sweet Pino to get it finished!! I think he builds as well as he cooks anchovies! HAHAHAHA
    Beautiful apt……even tho I’m partial to “my little nest” in town!

  • Kathy Weeks says:

    I remember when my women’s tour group (2008) came to this house for a most memorable meal you prepared…we toured the house next door that Pino was working on finishing at the time. Mamma mia!!! I love what he has done to the smaller house. Bellissima! It will be my goal to stay in it one day. baci ed abbracci cara~

  • Joy Auville says:

    Hi Anne,
    What a beautiful guest house! Pino did a wonderful remodel and the decor is lovely. I hope to visit soon!

  • Barbara Colyar says:

    WOW- Anne, your new place looks fantastic. Next time the family comes to Italy- we will definitely stay with you. I’ll start saving now.

  • ANNE robichaud says:

    Thanks to all for your notes and yes, Pino did a wondrous job / guests we’ve had had loved it! (News on their stays on this blog).
    Grace, pls email me re> rates at as rates vary depending on length of stay, no. of persons.
    We are 6 km from Assisi so car no bus service out here

  • Anne Robichaud says:

    Thanks to all for your notes and yes, Pino did a wondrous job.
    Grace, pls email re : rates as depends on date of stay, length, time period and no. of persons.
    We are 6 km from Assisi so rental car needed

  • Karen Hebel says:

    Hi Anne,
    I would love to have a price list of your accomodations. Italy is my all-time favorite travel place~love the land, the language, the music, the food & wine, and most of all the people!

    Hoping to hear from you.
    Merry Christmas,
    Karen Hebel

  • Anne Robichaud says:

    Grace,Karen, please do email and happy to send all rates, answer any questions.

  • Hi Anne,
    Your guest cottage looks amazing!! My husband, Antonio and I would love to come stay in July, after we leave the Palio in Siena. We are starting to plan our trip, which will be of small Italian towns (we’ve seen all the big ones) but since Assisi is high on the list, I want to plan our trip around HOPeFULLY staying at your cottage for 2 or 3 nights, just the two of us. How much and what availability? Grazie mille

  • Judy Bates says:

    Annie, this looks like paradise – a masterpiece – so beautiful! Happy New Year to you and Pino – see you in May!

  • Joy says:

    Dear Anne and Pino:

    Love both of your properties; can you please send rates for both for various times of year. We prefer to travel “off season” and would like to stay longer than a week.

    We were hoping to do a dinner/cooking demo with you in either Annapolis or Delaware this year, but dates you have availabe don’t work for us this year………maybe next!

  • Tracey fines says:

    Hi Anne
    I was at your house for lunch last July with Tina Chadda’s group!!!
    I long to return and your villa might just work ! It is absolutely charming! Enjoy your trip ! I will b in touch

  • Donna Good says:

    Annie, how fabulous. I am so hoping to be there in May. We have booked our tickets and should arrive April 30. To begin May by waking up at your place is heaven. Lucky lucky us.

  • Anne Robichaud says:

    Laurie, see you here in July?
    Tracey, when are you coming?
    Judy, see you soon in Assisi! May 12th will soon be here;

  • Wendy Stuart says:

    What is the price to rent the farmhouse in May or in October?

  • Anne Robichaud says:

    Thanks to each for your notes.
    Grace, rates depend on length of stay and number or persons in your group
    Tracey, hope to see you again soon in Umbria!

    Joy, please email me about your trip / as rates depend on length of stay, those in your group.

    Gail in OH, again, rates depend on no. of persons.
    For anyone wishing to rent, please email me..grazie to each for your kind notes!

  • Anne Robichaud says:

    Wendy, glad we are in touch about this and thanks for emailing, too

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