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Norcia’s Basilica di San Benedetto: No, Art is Not Eternal

Date: October 31, 2016 - categories: , , , - 4 Comments

Heart-breaking updates of the continuing losses of our rich artistic patrimony come to us in waves – like angry swells breaking on a rocky beach. Mother Earth is still in a rage. We’re hoping she’ll soon be soothed..

..and now more than ever, a thought I often share with my tour guests while showing them the wonders of our Basilica di San Francesco, has become a mantra: “Feast your eyes on these splendors and fix them in your mind, for seeing them in a book will never be the same.”

As I have written, the 1997 earthquake was a lesson for us: for two years during the Basilica restoration, we had had no access to the upper level of our Basilica di San Francesco. Before that earthquake, I had taken for granted the artistic splendors around me. They’d always be there, I’d assumed. Art seemed eternal.

When I last visited Norcia, I remember reveling in the majesty of the Basilica di San Benedetto, said to be built on the site of the home of San Benedetto and his twin sister, Santa Scholastica, born in 480 A.D. The rose window especially caught my eye.





That rose window remains: the façade of the Basilica di San Benedetto stands stalwartly as if in defiance to the powers of Nature. The rest of the Basilica surrendered to the seismic throttling of October 30, 2016 at 7 41. a.m.






I’d feasted my eyes many times over the years on the splendors of Norcia, tried to fix them in my mind. I took a few photos. The photos and my mind’s images are all I have now. No, art is not eternal.






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  • Ann says:

    It is heartbreaking to see so much loss and devastation.

  • Lyn Beckenham says:

    Shocking! I’m so saddened to see the loss of such beauty.

  • ALLEN FURIA says:

    Such a beautiful, historic site and now it is gone in a puff of smoke. Sad to all of us who love Italy so much.

  • Anne Robichaud says:

    Thanks to each for your thoughts. My mantra remains: art is not eternal. See it when you can, imprint the image in your mind. To see it in a book: not the same

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