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Tasting Easter in Assisi

Date: April 30, 2014 - categories: - 4 Comments

Easter is a sacred time and in Umbria, even Easter breakfast must be sacred. Before Easter as you wander the Umbrian countryside, you might see whisps of smoke curling up out of the wood bread ovens. What’s inside? Huge cheesebreads. Many. Probably fifteen to twenty. There is no more appreciated Easter gift than a homemade cheesebread (la torta di formaggio). Our dear farm friend, Peppa, always gives us one. She no longer bakes as many of them, nor in her outdoor wood-burning oven. She bakes ten in 2 batches in her indoor woodstove. But ah, the flavor is there.


Peppa, proud of her basket

On Holy Saturday afternoon, she heads up to our local country church or the cheesebreads blessing, carrying a basket of goodness. A bottle of her own wine, salami, hard-boiled egg, salt (propitious!) are tucked in around the cheese bread – and a sprinkles- topped sweet cake (for Easter lunch dessert).


All gather for the blessing of the Easter baskets

A colorful array of baskets in front of the altar greets Padre Giuseppe as he comes into the church for the blessing, our rural friends filling the pews of the small country church.

All the baskets are covered with lovingly embroidered textiles – but folded back so that the cheese breads, salamis (capocollo in some baskets) and hard-boiled eggs can “receive” the blessing. Some women uncork their wine bottles “so that the blessing can get in, ” Peppa solemnly explained to me. Nowadays, colorful cellophane-wrapped huge chocolate Easter eggs join the simple rural goodness in some baskets.

Farm families will feast on an Easter breakfast of blessed salami or capocollo topped with a slice of cheesebread for Easter breakfast – accompanied by the blessed wine, logicamente – and the hard-boiled eggs, drizzled with the farm family’s olive oil and sprinkled with the propitious salt. Peppa never prepares an antipasto to serve before the cannelloni and roast lamb of Easter lunch: “perche’ la colazione e gia’ abbondante” (“because breakfast is already so abundant”).

But we had Peppa’s cheesebread gift as our Easter lunch antipasto, along with salami, bresaola and fresh eggs from our chickens. Not hard-boiled, though, but used to make a frittata with the wild asparagus I’d found in our woods that morning.

And mille grazie, Peppa, for – once again – adding to our Easter abundance.


All gather for the blessing of the Easter baskets



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  • Stephanie says:

    Peppa looks absolutely beautiful, her smile! I would’ve loved to have tasted the delicious goods she crafted with so much amore. This tradition is yet one more way the people demonstrate their Gratitude for what they have. Thank you for sharing this and the pictures. Seeing all of those baskets lining the center aisle is very touching. Makes me want to visit during Easter time.

  • Trisha Lenarz-Garmoe says:

    Easter in Umbria!!! It must be wonderful!! Thanks for sharing!!

  • Anne Robichaud says:

    Hope you can visit us, Eastertime, Stephanie..plan on it!

  • Anne Robichaud says:

    yes, wondrous, Trisha!

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